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Can you imagine a city without infrastructure or a land without any buildings and vehicles? Our lives would never be the same without the works of professional engineers. With such significant impact, engineer jobs are among the most prestigious occupations in the world.

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While there are literally hundreds of different engineering branches, they all follow the principles of mathematical appliances, scientific knowledge, and technical applications to solve every day’s problems. Some of the broader areas of engineering consist of:

Chemical engineering

This field involves the production, transformation, transportation, usage of raw materials, energy, and other chemical components through applied sciences as well as microbiology and biochemistry. The works of a chemical engineer span from laboratory experiments to product implementation in various industries.

Civil engineering

engineering jobThere wouldn’t be any buildings, airports, roads, bridges, and any other infrastructure that is essential to our lives without civil engineers. This is also the oldest engineering discipline that dated back to the 18th century. More than just structures and roads, civil engineers also deal with developing the urban railway network, water supply system as well as sewage treatment.

Electrical and electronics engineering

The applications of electrical and electronics engineering range from global positioning system (GPS), power generation, broadcast and telecommunications systems to electric vehicles, machinery and other electronic equipment. A more popular branch of this field is computer hardware engineering.

Mechanical engineering

Among the engineering professions, mechanical engineering is one of the broadest in terms of appliances. This field employs in-depth knowledge of mechanics, engineering, physics, and materials engineering to deal with machine design, production, and operation. Mechanical engineers are responsible for the efficiency and performance of the end product, including its functionality and aesthetic aspects.

Biomedical engineering

Biomedical is a combination of biology and medical, a discipline that is specifically applied in the healthcare industry. The engineers in this field handle the implementation of new medical equipment as well as testing and maintaining them.

Petroleum engineering

Not only does it directly affect our daily lives, petroleum appliances also fuel the entire economic system. Petroleum engineers are highly in-demand for the fields of oilfield production and drilling operations. They also need to ensure environment and safety standards.

General requirements to become an engineer in Malaysia

Students who have completed a Degree in Engineering (recognised by Engineering Accreditation Council) can register to become a graduate engineer under the Board of Engineers Malaysia. He or she will be able to perform professional engineering services. Once having enough of working experiences a, a graduate engineer can sit for the Professional Assessment Examination to apply for the Professional Engineer license.

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Here are the latest careers in engineering in Malaysia:

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