5 Advantages of Hiring a Freelancer

The conventional employer-employee relationship is shifting. More people are choosing to work on their own terms and create a professional life that’s personally fulfilling. Call it the β€œFreelance Revolution, Gig Economy or Rise of the Creative Class” if you will – this change is happening. With job security taking a back seat for many, what does this change mean for your business? Is hiring a freelancer the right move to make?

Growth leads to hiring which requires a consideration of all possibilities. There are (and will be) times when a freelancer could work to your benefit instead of a full-timer. But before deciding, you need to consider the drawbacks. For example, what if they pull a disappearing act or what if the resulting work isn’t up to par? Or worse, what if they turn out to be a real piece of work (cue music: The Murder from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho)?

Here are 5 reasons in favour of hiring a freelancer:

5 Advantages of Hiring a Freelancer2

1. Cost-effective

One of the major plus points of hiring a freelancer is the affordability factor. You’re paying them strictly for their work – there’s no additional cost incurred from your end. That means saving on employee benefits (travel allowance, health insurance, Employees Provident Fund, social security), training, office space and supply costs.

2. Promptness and adaptability

β€œFor major projects with tight deadlines, hiring a freelancer is a quick fix to enhance productivity in a short period with not as much cost.” – Marie, Publishing Manager

A freelancer’s flexible schedule means that he/she will be able to start work immediately. Full-time employees are entitled to take leave and could fall sick unexpectedly which is normal. However, with a team of freelancers – you can improve your turnaround rate. This way things don’t come to a screeching halt when a teammate is unexpectedly absent from work.

5 Advantages of Hiring a Freelancer3

3. Knowledge

A freelancer’s niche skill-set proves to be useful when you have the need for it. Their expertise – whether it’s copywriting, app developing or designing, for example, makes it easier for you to pair him/her to a project. Do consider that you will be reaping the benefits of their collective experience so far too.

4. Global market = global reach

The world is your oyster. Thanks to websites like Upwork*, Fiverr, Behance, and Guru – you have access to a wider talent pool and are not restricted by your geographic location. Fresh talent translates to fresh ideas and more room for innovation. Engaging different people gives you different perspectives that lead to ‘out of the box’ or unconventional outcomes. All of which works to your favour.

* TIP: You can search for ‘Malaysian jobs’ on Upwork

5. Self-sufficiency

Freelancers are independent subcontractors. What this means for your business is that you don’t have to worry about making a significant investment in training. They will be able to make contributions to your bottom line without the need for hand-holding. Once you have made your expectations clear, you can trust them to complete the task while you focus on your own.

A carefully vetted freelancer could just be the breath of fresh air you’re looking to add to your business.

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