15 Questions to Avoid Asking Your Potential Employer

“Do you have any questions for me?”

Ah, the question that signals you’re in the final stretch of a job interview.  

Some of us already have a list of questions prepared. Some only think about them during the interview. And some respond with a curt ‘no’ when asked.

In any interview, saying “no” is not the way to go. 

However, do we get free reign just because we are asked this open-ended question? Or do the rules of propriety still apply?

The answer is always a yes (to propriety). During a job interview, your goal is to present your most marketable self. So, if you have no questions to ask, you may come off as uninterested and/or unprepared.

As Martin Yate said in ‘Knock ’em Dead Job Interview’, “If you lived in the wild, you’d need to know how to make a fire to survive. But you live in an urban world, and you need to make money. That means you need a job, and the only way to get a job is by turning a job interview into a job offer.

How? One of the steps is to avoid asking questions that put you in a negative light.

“Job interviews are like first dates.

Good impressions count.

Awkwardness can occur.

Outcomes are unpredictable.”

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Questions to avoid asking during a job interview

  1. Do I get my own office?
  2. Can I work from home?
  3. Who is the company’s competitor?
  4. What does your company do?
  5. Will I have to work on weekends?
  6. What is the salary for this position?
  7. When can I take time off for a vacation?
  8. Can I request for a MacBook for work?
  9. How late is too late to get into work in the morning?
  10. How long will I have to work before I can get a raise?
  11. What exactly will you look for in a background check?
  12. Do you have a lot of rules about what you can wear here?
  13. May I arrive early or leave late as long as I get my hours in?
  14. Would you like to see my references? (may hint desperation)
  15. Did I get the job?

Further reminders

  • Don’t ask about rumours that you’ve heard from an outsider
  • Don’t ask the interviewer personal or sensitive questions
  • Questions about employee benefits
  • Anything that was already answered in the job descriptions
  • Questions you can get answered with a quick Google search
  • Questions that start with “why” (This is a matter of psychology and “why” questions tend to put people in a defensive mode)

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