Change the World Through Design

Designers shape our world and envision our future.

They influence the way we interact with certain objects, the way we engage with brands and how we expect those experiences to be.

From creating a logo and corporate identity, crafting a website interface to designing a new product, all businesses need design professionals.

Creative and design jobs entail both artistic skills (to capture attention) and technical competencies (to offer excellent customer experience) in order to help companies win customers.

Due to the changing nature of branding and advertisement, which now focuses on storytelling, the role of designers is, in fact, becoming more tech-driven.

In an article on, Dave Miller – design consultancy Artefact’s recruiter shared: “Over the next five years, design as a profession will continue to evolve into a hybrid industry that is considered as much technical as it is creative”. The digitalization trend also strengthens the position of creative professions, with these following  design careers being the most in-demand creative jobs in 2017:

Graphic Design Jobs

It is agreeable that graphic design is among the coolest jobs for creative folks. Besides the fact that it allows you to work from anywhere in the world, being a graphic designer means you’ll get to experience new things every day as you work on a new project.

A graphic designer’s main responsibilities include (but are not limited to) defining a brand’s aesthetic approach that reflects its vision, developing and managing artwork projects following the assigned timeline.

Graphic designers are also involved in the process of creating the visual aspects of a company’s product (packaging, website design, app icons or layout) besides marketing materials (print media, typography, banner ads).

The most important skills of a good graphic designer go beyond artistic abilities, you must be able to communicate your ideas effectively in order to integrate various elements into your design. On top of that, being able to utilise technological applications to your advantage will enable you to infuse unique elements and complete the work more efficiently.

If you are passionate about arts and desire to create something that inspires people, explore career opportunities in graphic design here.

UX/UI Design Jobs

From the apps that we interact with on our phones to the websites that we browse every day, UX/UI designers’ footprints are practically everywhere in the digital world.

As more and more people connected to the web, businesses also have more “golden opportunities” to acquire customers through their online activities. Therefore, the role of UX/UI is imperative.

You will be responsible for the overall user experience when they visit the company’s website or mobile application, when they perform searches, interact with certain pages or screens, make an order or simply consume regular content. Which is why it’s crucial to deliver an impeccable experience to convert online visitors into customers, the same way how retail stores attract and close sales.

Here’s a short video of the process of UX/UI design:

The key competencies that are required for UX/UI designers include an in-depth understanding of user behaviour, analytical and problem-solving skills, researching and sketching skills on top of technical knowledge such as HTML and CSS.

Opportunities for UX/UI designers are endless, find yours here.

Multimedia design and Animation Jobs

The buzziest branding strategy is storytelling, hence the increasing demand for multimedia artists and animators. Film advertising may still be around, but animation or motion graphics allows businesses to engage with fans almost instantly.

Because brands need visual content to identify who they are, multimedia designers not only create computer graphics but also tell stories through motions and series of interactions, either on a website or in the form of videos. Below is one of the trending art concepts in the design field:

In order to become a multimedia artist, you need to be familiar with various computer software such as Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, and Cinema 4D on top of having solid designing skills.

From creative agencies to business corporations, you can find career opportunities in this field here.

Art Director Jobs

Every designer possesses very distinctive aesthetic approach, which is why some companies need an art director. He or she will oversee the general artistic direction of the creative team in order to unify the visual concepts and create the perfect harmony in the team.

Art directors determine a brand’s voice and develop visual concepts that best represent that voice. They are in charge of setting up a timeline for every project by coordinating with internal and external departments. Graphic designers and multimedia artists work under their direction together with photographers, writers, or videographers to complete a project.

Design jobs are not exclusive for the marketing field, designers are changing the world on a more profound level.

They have the power to amplify the messages that need to be spread, they help us respond to social issues that are better conveyed through pictures, and they are changing the way businesses interact with consumers as a whole.

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