Careers in the Administrative Field in Malaysia

In all organisations, regardless of the industry, an admin role is irreplaceable. Administrators are those who ensure the smooth and efficient operations on a daily basis. Their responsibilities include organising workplace activities, managing office supplies and inventory as well as handling general customers’ inquiries. A career in this field is can be first entrance to the corporate world for fresh graduates or entry-level executives.

What exactly is administration?

Administrative tasks involve various office management areas such as human resources, operations, clerical tasks, and inventory management. Depending on the organisation’s size, there will be one admin executive or the entire administrative division responsible for the said functions.

In most companies, an admin’s first and foremost responsibility is to handle telephonic and walk-in customers’ inquiries. They also coordinate with other departments to perform general office maintenance, document filing and data entry, logistics and dispatch. In some companies, an admin is mainly responsible for HR matters, including applications screening and interview schedule.

In order to ensure the business’ productivity and efficiency, an office administrative position is indispensable in any company.

Who can become an administrator?

In terms of education requirements, a foundation certification or diploma is sufficient for an entry-level position in this field. Among the most valuable skills that make a competitive admin professional, computer and communication skills rank the highest. For higher level, for example, company secretary, a degree is usually required.

You can consider applying for an admin job if you want to gain general working experience. As the role will expose you to several functions in an office, you will be able to learn much more quality knowledge that not even university courses can offer. Furthermore, the practical on-the-job elements such as email writing, bookkeeping, and customer service as well as office culture and etiquette.

An ideal candidate for the administrative role should possess excellent organisational skills, highly efficient and flexible to deal with various daily ad hoc tasks.

Admin job description

Here’s a common job scope of a general admin position:

  • Responsible for administrative tasks
  • Screen incoming phone calls and deal with customers’ enquiries
  • Perform data entry and update the database system
  • Maintain office supplies and manage office inventory
  • Schedule appointments (internal and external) and prepare documents for meetings
  • Arrange business trips for company staff

Administrators are the cogs of any machine that provide adequate support to every department to ensure the highest productivity.

There are many career paths in this line that you can choose from, including:

  • Office Manager
  • Customer Service Officer
  • Receptionist
  • Sales or Call Centre Representative
  • Human Resources
  • Logistics Coordinator
  • Secretary or Personal Assistant

The average salary for a professional administrator in Malaysia falls between RM 23,000 to RM 47,000 annually, depending on the position level.

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