Unconventional Career Paths that Fresh Graduates Can Give a Go!

We often hear many stories from people, telling how their career path and education background rolled out right after graduating. Some people went straight to the field they majored in, whilst others went on a more adventurous path and tried something else to break a mundane streak; post-exams.

College and university days are considered some of the best times to discover potential future interests but we believe it can go beyond that. You may just land on a role you didn’t see coming by trying out for a job opportunity out of your scope. While there may be concerns on whether trying something besides your scope could mean your hard work and perseverance went in vain, it’s best not to view it as a dead end.

As a fresh graduate, it’s encouraged that you start your footing into the career world with an open mind and it could mean applying your knowledge through a transitioning job opportunity. You may never know, the transitioning job opportunity could pave your way professionally. We picked out a list of unique job roles you can consider or may pique your interest to explore, one day:

Piano Tuner

Piano Tuner

Individuals who work in this field can opt to do it freelance or get employed in a small business. They will be tasked with regulating, tuning and repairing pianos. Tuning a single piano will take at least an hour on a daily basis and at least five to six pianos are serviced for domestic clients.

Tuners who work for music colleges, concert halls, and recording studios will usually have fixed business hours. Depending on the experience of the individual, a piano tuner can earn up to 45,000 euros (approximately RM 226,000) in a year not factoring other expenses.

Just like in any other profession, practical ability and interest in this field are essential and you don’t have to be talented in playing the piano to work in this line but you will need to take up full training courses to be verified as a piano tuner. Certified online courses are also available or taking up apprenticeship from local business owners or any relevant music corporations that provide essential training will definitely help you excel in this role.

Au Pair

Au Pair

Looking for a job abroad to explore the world while gaining experience and developing self-confidence? Being part this of this job requires one to have a commitment to assist families, possess integrity and the ability to be flexible at most times to provide a safe, reliable live-in child care.

Usually mistaken as a nanny job, an au pair provides an opportunity for the person to exchange culture and learn the language in exchange for childcare while the former does not partake in any cultural exchanges. This experience can be applied to foreign families who have migrated to your home country as well. There are no age restrictions for this job, so hey even if you don’t do it upon graduating, you could always give it a go in the later stages of your life.



Interpreting takes a lot of hard work but it is a fulfilling and rewarding profession as you are constantly presented with new challenges daily. Anyone can become an interpreter with sufficient training and have a strong command of a specific language.

Aiming to become a professional and experienced speaker, you are encouraged to take up external programs or classes if you want to learn a specific language to accommodate to a certain industry or country. Having a degree in Language or Communication will also be most beneficial for this job opportunity as you will grasp the skill naturally.

The good news is, the career advancement for an interpreter could potentially leap you into any professional association in translation or interpretation, or even going into managerial position for an international company.

HVAC/Sheet Metal Work

Sheet Metal Work

Looking for a job that requires a hands-on environment and a good salary? In this profession, you will become a skilled tradesman who develops, setup and repair sheet metal products for ventilation systems.

Training in this field is required and can be acquired through any HVAC industry by taking up apprenticeship (you will still get paid half the rate of more experienced professionals). Moreover, you will need to familiarise yourself with all the electrical and mechanical tools before you can conduct any installation or repair work.

Endurance and alertness are key attributes needed as you will most likely be working at a construction site where safety is a priority due to the nature of working with hazardous materials.

Car Technician

Car Technician

With the constant advancement of technology, the automotive industry has paved the way to hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles which open up many new opportunities into the field. In this profession, you will be centred around repairing and maintaining vehicles that are privately or commercially owned.

Compared to other education fields that require several years to study, most automotive education requires at most two years of education or you can take up an apprenticeship with respected automotive companies that are looking for passionate individuals in this industry (basic level of mechanical knowledge is an added advantage, of course).

As an automotive technician, on-the-job training will be crucial to align every individual to keep up with the processes, ethics, familiarisation with the equipment and the operations of the organisation represented.

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