6 Career Options for People Who Like to Socialise

Do you enjoy meeting new people and cultivating new relationships?

Are you often the one to initiate a conversation with people?

You can’t stand being in a confined space for too long?

If you answer yes to all, you are definitely an extrovert! Embrace your traits because there are plenty of exciting career options for sociable individuals like you!

Here they are:

Customer Service Jobs


A customer service representative acts as a bridge between the company and the customers. Their main responsibilities involve dealing with general customer inquiries, from questions related to the product as well as feedbacks for improvement. The job requires a person to be patient, understanding, and able to react quickly and responsively to a crisis, especially when dealing with customers face-to-face. These skills are also critical for those who handle customer calls or online inquiries. Those who are generally open-minded and likeable will make a good fit for this role.

Despite the projection of robots diminishing the roles of customer service agents, there is still a need for human connection in order for businesses to thrive. In fact, it takes serious dedication and willpower to fulfil the job requirements and achieve the desired customer satisfaction. From here, there are also opportunities to take up leadership roles such as becoming a team leader or customer satisfaction manager.

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Community Management Jobs


Along with the expansion of social networking sites, we have also seen the rise of online communities, from local business supporters to celebrity fandoms. Brands or individuals that have established an online presence must put the focus on nurturing the relationships with their fans and followers, hence the need for community managers. In essence, community management entails boosting engagement within the community, for example, through social media as well as through offline events (think product launch or roadshow). To be more specific, a community manager is expected to plan and execute marketing campaigns to reach to more audiences, which also involves analytics and business development skills.

Working as a community manager means building meaningful connection within the locals where the company serves. Not only that, he or she will be the contact point between the brand and the influencers and media for endorsement. This job is the perfect career option for those who love to socialise!

Event Planner / Organiser Jobs


In the event line, people skills are everything. A professional event planner is responsible for conceptualising, planning, and running events following a strict timeline and most importantly, handling crises as they arise during the course of the entire event. The job also involves working with the marketing and public relations teams to promote the event and build a positive reputation for the brand or to fulfil the purpose of the event organiser.

The best part of working in this field is that things never stay the same. Every event has its own theme, therefore require a different approach, plus there is no permanent ‘office’ for event planners – it’s a joy for them to meet new people and explore different communities as they get the jobs done.

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Travel and Leisure Jobs


We all know the challenges of the service line – the long-hour standing, the night shifts, the no-holiday dilemma, etc. However, it’s the joy of not having to work in a confined office space and constantly socialising with others that makes a career in hospitality and travel thrilling. From hoteliers, servers to tour guide and cabin crew among others, a professional in this line must be a ‘people person’, who is caring and detail-oriented, especially when it comes to bringing comfort to the guests and ensuring their highest satisfaction.

Due to the demands of the customers (which can be humiliating at times), a professional hotelier, server or flight attendant will need to be prepared with sufficient knowledge of customer relations as well as crisis management, topped with impeccable communication skills. And passion is the determining factor of one’s success in this line.  

› Available travel and leisure jobs:

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Sales and Business Development Jobs


For the social junkies, sales or business development jobs are perhaps the most popular career options due to the high-income opportunities. A good salesperson must possess the qualities of a top-notch persuader, especially in the telesales industry. On top of communication skills, one must also learn to accept rejection and learn from them in order to polish the sales skills. This job is most suitable for those with an ambition to build wealth fast while establishing meaningful connections across the industries. There are many people venture into entrepreneurship as they progress in this line.

› Available sales and business development jobs:

Real Estate Agent Jobs


With so many new property developments popping up across the country, the demand for real estate agents also rises. The nature of this occupation is similar to sales representatives, except specialise in selling or renting out property to clients. As with any sales field, a real estate agent must keep up with the market trends as well as understand the client’s’ needs in order to close deals. However, unlike inside sales, this role involves more face-to-face sales and consultancy, hence one must be extremely good in networking and socialising, in general, to make it in this competitive industry.

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