Here Are Several Valid Reasons Why Candidates Are Declining Your Job Offer

The search for talent is always on the move and even employers are out there constantly keeping an eye out for the right candidates to hire. Even now it takes a bit of persuasion to win over interested individuals to your side. That said there a good number of reasons why there are still candidates declining your job offer. The following is a list of what you see most often, and what can you do to convince them to shake your hand!


1. The hiring process takes too long

The moment you identified your potential candidates, this is where the recruiting process starts to kick in. The moment the before and even after the interview concluded, is the moment where you start to lose the chance to seek out the best talents. It’s exceedingly daunting task especially for employers that run small businesses that do not have any experienced HR individuals to manage the hiring process.

The interview process should get your candidates DESIRE to be part of your team. If you took too much time to get in touch with the candidates, chances are it would be frustrating for them especially for those who are really keen on taking up the job. Cut down the processing time or they will move on.


2. Compensation and benefits not compelling enough

A candidate thoughts about the pay and benefits encompass by various factors such as comparisons with other companies, work expectations, debt, family and peers have a significant impact about how much should they get paid to cover up their expenses. If you want to talented people to be part of your team, you need to understand the right amount to pay them and it varies based on experience, location and availability.

Individual growth and development are a factor as well where in exchange for their work, they desire the need to gain new skills and opportunities for a fulfilling career path.


3. The job isn’t what they were hoping for

There are candidates opted to decline the job offer just because the level of work is too difficult or too easy. It also could be that they realise they are not up for the role and unable to fulfil the tasks required. That said, a candidate pulling out early may be a good thing granted they are not prepared for the accepting the position that you offer.


4. Lack of work-life balance

Seeking the perfect balance between work and leisure is something that every candidate wish for especially for millennials and younger generations who really desires this working life. Offering perks to employees can be the deciding factor to convince candidates to take up your job offer. Providing something as simple as remote working or even flexible working hours can be a great value for people to consider.

5. Work culture may not be a good fit

Finding the right job also requires one to find the culture to be the right fitting. Being able to work hand in hand with the colleagues around you daily while enjoying what you do is every candidate wish to be a part of. Work culture is also one of the significant factors that millennials strongly desire and it extends to older and younger generations as well. So it is best to lay down all the questions and answers for the candidates to ensure they get to know how is the corporate culture is right and whether it is the right one for them.

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