How to Get a Job as a Mid-Senior Level Candidate

Searching for a job in Mid-Senior level is different than applying for your first job. Having a good strategy in searching for job openings is a must for your mid-career advancement.

In order to land yourself a job, there are steps and plans you have to make before you dive right into your next career. Here are some tips on how to job search as a mid-senior level candidate.

1. Social Networking

Build your online presence by networking online. Growing your professional network can help open doors to potential positions you desired. One great way is through LinkedIn. It is important to have your footprints online as it can generate your career opportunities, especially in this digitalised world.

LinkedIn is a great platform for you to connect with your ex-colleagues. Your former co-workers may have the connections and can help you refer to the companies that you want, thus enhancing the chances of getting hired. When networking is done right, you’ll have a higher success rate. Always keep in touch with your connections because you’ll never know when you need a favour from them.

2. Find a Recruiter

Getting yourself a recruiter is also an option for mid-senior level job search. Recruiters have the eye on jobs that would be suitable for you, they would help to tailor your resume and provide tips on your job interview. They know about the industry and what position is open. They are the person that connects you to your potential employer. Besides that, recruiters are also attracted to mid-senior level candidates, they will approach you and make sure you are ready to engage with them.

3. Online Job Search

The most straightforward method is searching for your job online. This method can’t go wrong and has a fairly good success rate. One of the advantages of searching for a job online is convenience. The process of finding and applying for jobs on job sites is easy and fast. It allows you to search, look, filter and apply for jobs anytime. Moreover, you can explore more job opportunities across the country online too. 

4. Know your Target

It’s good to have a company that you have targeted. It makes the job search process shorter and easier. The cons of this method are that the company you had an eye on may not necessarily have an opening for you at the moment. Also, you are most likely to know what works best for you, what company culture you want and etc. Make use of these criteria and create a list of companies and positions that are a good match.

Good luck with your next advancement!

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