These Action Verbs Will Enhance Your Resume into Professional Standards

The best way to transform your resume  to be more engaging and interesting is to utilise strong action verbs. Your resume may be filled with common verbs such as “communicated,” “innovated,” or “responsible for.” These type of verbs are over utilised in resume writing. To make your resume stand out in the eyes of recruiters and employers, here is our take on how to re-energise your resume.


Empowering verbs for management skills

Optimised, Advised, Arrange, Ensured, Strategised

If you want to describe your leadership skills, consider adopting the following words. For example instead of stating “instructing” your team, is not as compelling as you saying “advising” your team, which shows that you are not just providing instructions but also sharing your insights on how to manage a certain task.

Verbs like “monitor” indicate that you are merely monitoring people at work but not showing any indication that you are actively leading your team. Choose words that show you are actively working together with your team. For instance, “Spear-headed a project while arranging two team members to work together.”

Your word choices will display an impression of your management style. Most importantly try not to use the same verb repeatedly as it will diminish the impact and making reading stale.


Empowering words for creative skills

Conceptualised, Designed, Illustrated, Modeled, Visualised, Wrote

To capture the interest of recruiters, utilise words that display your skills. For example, describe how you “conceptualised” an idea through several stages of innovation.

“Design” is a good verb but it’s still a general term to follow up with various art and production works. Specify certain words that are more relatable such as “modelled” for animation purposes or “illustrated” for graphic materials.

“Visualised” is another great verb to describe your creativity as it shows that you are capable of focusing and setting your own goals.


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Empowering words for strong work ethics

Exceeded, Achieved, Integrity, Established, Discipline

“Exceeded” speak up about your capability to strive beyond your expectations. It shows that you are confident and desire to be able to accomplish a task and also surpassing an acceptable performance.

“Integrity” denotes that you can prioritise and also take advantage of a challenging situation while showing positive outcomes. It also displays your aspect of how you engage with clients and your peers during work. The greatest impact through this value shows that you are a trusted and dependable employee that any managers can count on.

“Discipline” is an impactful verb that shows you respect and adheres to the rules. Their performance will be clearly displayed through their focus, dedication and determination.

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