How to Overcome and Support Employee Mental Health

Every 3 in 10 adults ages 16 years and above will be diagnosed with mental health problems. Due to strong social stigma linked with mental illness, from a cultural point of view shaped by superstitious belief and misconception. People with mental illness have to fight and suffer in silence. To cope with the challenging work environment, employees would generally choose not to disclose their condition due to the concern of having their work contract terminated.

Now it all falls into the hands of employers if they want to establish a safe, open setting and help employees to perform at their best. By breaking down the social stigma linked to mental illness. Companies can take this opportunity to support holistic employee health. Not only it would decrease employee turnover rate. It will certainly benefit the company onboarding costs and fostering a long-term customer relationship. Thanks to positive job satisfaction from employees, corporate and industry knowledge are able to retained.


Educate employees on mental health

By promoting and creating awareness about mental health across all employees is essential to break down the social stigmas. Mental and physical health are equally important for the overall well-being. Employers that encourage everyone to practice work-life balance will provide a greater sense of control and ownership of their lifestyle. Moreover, employees will feel more motivated and less stressed out at work which helps to boost the company’s productivity.


Giving employees the opportunity to voice out their mental health issues

Mental health can be advocated by displaying a genuine concern towards employee’s health. Coupled with the desire to assist with overcoming the problem whether its a mental or physical health problem. As the person that is leading the team or the company, providing support without stigmatising or penalising those who suffered health problems.


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Established a secure and welcoming workplace

Work expectation is essential as the possibility of stress developed in employees can be degrading towards their mental state. Managers that encourage employees to learn from their mistakes will provide a chance to open up with their personal struggles instead of feeling demotivated from their failures. Feedback from employees through one-on-one meetings or focus groups are essential as well. It would help to create an open environment for both sides to make the necessary changes based on the comments.


Providing work flexibility options to employees with health concerns

Regardless if its physical or mental health, it would be highly beneficial for employers to offer flexibility to accommodate employees with such work benefits. Allowing employees to take occasional work shifts or work from home are good practices to help promote gradual recovery to their mental state. Encouraging employees to take their annual leaves is a great way for employees to rejuvenate before returning to work.

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