Here Are 4 Ways to Overcome Interview Fears

Many of us fear job interviews because we fear uncertainty. We fear negative outcome such as rejection or not being able to answer a certain interview question. We start fearing the lack of experience we have for the position and begin questioning our competencies. These doubts will then turn into insecurities that will eventually distract us from performing our best. With that said, how do you really overcome our fears for job interviews? 


1) They Want You To Succeed. 

We get so caught up in our fears that we stop to realise that the interviewer wants you to be “the one” too. Interviewers want you to succeed as they have invested their time and expenses to attract and retain top candidates like you. Try reminding yourself that the interviewer wants you to succeed the next time you get a panic attack.


2) Do You Really Care About The Company? 

“Why do you want to work for us?” You might have probably practised the answer for this popular interview question but do you know why do they ask this? What the interviewer is trying to ask is if you care enough about the company and value what they do.  If you are switching industries then try speaking like a “local”. Give an answer that is persuasive and compelling enough to show that you know the industry as if you were a “local” in the company.  


3) Be Mentally and Physically Ready.

Many ignore the importance of being physically and mentally prepared and alert. If you are comfortable with having an interview at 3pm because you would get enough rest, then go for it! And if you are someone who likes having a 10am interview because the atmosphere in the mornings help boosts your energy and  confidence, then go for it! Basically, you don’t only have to dress appropriately to get the job. Feeling energise and being in a great mood can bring out more of your amazing personality. 


4) It’s Not Always About You. 

Keep in mind that an interview is not just about you. An interview gives both parties the opportunities to learn about each other. While they ask you question, you are also allowed to ask a few questions back. An interview is just like having a conversation with a stranger, but a stranger that can benefit you professionally. Make the interview engaging and comfortable for the interviewer and yourself. After all, your communication skill is a great plus point. 


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