Interview Tips: Turn Your Negative Traits Into Positives

What are your strengths and weaknesses? Although this is one of the most popular interview questions, many job seekers still struggle to answer.  It’s easy to point out your flaws, but no one wants to admit their flaws that could ruin your chances of landing the job. You would also try to avoid giving cliche answers that you probably found on the internet. So how do you turn your negatives into positive traits?

1. Stress

It’s common to feel stressed out or pressured when you’re at work. But for some, feeling stressed is an everyday recurrence and it might count as a weakness. This is likely if you’re job has short deadlines or new projects to work on every hour. Don’t let your stress hold you back from being honest. You can simply state that you have learned to improve your work stress into a positive energy. Do you take 5 minutes to meditate when your stressed at work? Do you exercise? Have you learned to stop being hard on yourself? These are all great ways to appear calm and collected with your weakness.

2. Insecurities & Timidness

Everybody’s personality is different so don’t beat yourself up for being a little timid. But depending on your line of work, your shyness and insecurities might turn into a flaw. If your work requires an outspoken and confident personality, you might want to turn this trait into positives. You may let your interviewer know that although you have a timid personality, you have learned to boost your self-esteem and come out of your shell.

3. Impatient

Do you find yourself trying to work on certain given tasks immediately? Do you say yes to every given tasks and try to get them done as soon as possible? This will only lead you to more exhaustion and stress at work as you have promised a specific deadline to your team members. Although this trait feels like an infinitesimal negative, the con is your weakness in time management. However, there is always a response that helps make your urgency into productivity. Explaining that you have learned to prioritise your projects and focusing on what is more important is a great way to overpower your weakness. 

The key to addressing your weaknesses is to simply explain how your weakness has helped you be a better you today. An admirable candidate is someone who obtains self-awareness and addresses his or her flaws. This question is a great opportunity for your interviewer to see you continually learning to be a better professional by improving yourself.

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