Reasons You Should Consider Taking a Lower Salary Job

Despite all the interview you have gone through, you finally received a job offer that you have been hoping. The catch is that the salary may not be what you were expecting. While you would prefer to opt for a job with a higher income, but under the right circumstances. Look at the bright side whether the benefits would outweigh the lower salary.

Workplace Benefits

Imagine working in a company that offers outstanding company benefits to their employees. Compared to a different company that offers a higher salary but lacking on employee perks. Which would you choose? It entirely depends on what the company has to offer whether it is health insurance, paid sabbaticals, work flexibility or pay off loans.

Pleasant Company Culture

Working in social company culture is one of the greatest things that could make a job more appealing. Positive norms, habits and atmosphere can bring so much towards employee satisfaction besides having a higher paying job. Now if you are being offered a place to work in a workplace where everyone is respected and valued equally, it is worth taking up the job offer.

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Improve Working Life

There are people who are more than willing to work with less pay, in return with good work-life balance, less work stress and a short work commute. Even though money does provide a better life, but if you are comfortable with the amount you earn. Trading off with a comfortable work life is certainly worth it. Most of all, having a role that is more fulfilling and engaging is much better compared to having a role that doesn’t provide you with career satisfaction even with higher pay.

Career Growth Opportunities

Internal growth and development is a good opportunity for career advancement. Having offered a position with a lower pay with the chance to expand in the organisation is a good deal and it would pay off in the long term. If this is the path you are hoping for, definitely be prepared for the interview for an in-depth discussion. Touch on the career progression, personal developments and where you will see yourself be in the next five years working for the company.

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