How Much Can You Earn In Logistics Services?

What is logistics?

Logistics has to do with the timely delivery of goods from one place to another, offloading, cargo unpacking and other duties like control of inventory, pricing and ticketing.

Today, people buy goods from China and have them delivered in the USA within a few days. The world is fast becoming a global village, hence the rise in demand of logistics companies. Almost every local and the international company now has a need for logistics services. From the high seas where the freight brokers mediate, to the bus travel companies down to every local logistics service providers, the opportunities are endless and with the right innovation, I can say the business of logistics services is a hot one.

This can be quite confusing. Are opportunities continually opening for logistics services, or is there an influx of investors in this sector such that making money with it becomes competitive?

If asked, I’d say the two are yay and nay.

There’s no doubt a continual opening of opportunities to blossom in the logistics business, there’s also the challenge of beating competitors who are willing and able to deliver cheaper and within a shorter period. This shouldn’t get you confused, the logistics business has boundless advantages and I bet you won’t be wrong to consider either setting one up or seeking employment with any such companies.

In answering the question above properly, yes, there is an influx of people setting up logistics servicing companies, but there’s even a higher influx of companies and individuals in need of logistics services!

Here are very juicy reasons logistics is a very interesting venture:

  • It has jobs for people of all educational level. You don’t necessarily need a degree to get yourself fixed in there. The truck drivers, the forklift operators and the warehouse workers are all a part of the logistics team, even though they usually are directed by a more educated and experienced team led.
  • It has so many opportunities for advancement. Having so many facets and being that promotion is mostly based on performance, it’s an exciting thing.
  • It can be started and nurtured anywhere. No disputes in it that there are a few hot spots, logistics services can be started anywhere.
  • If you consider logistics as a stepping stone to international business, you won’t be any wrong! It exposes you to a wide variety of local and international opportunities.

New opportunities are constantly opening in logistics. This doesn’t come without a corresponding financial implication.

If you’re stuck here, you probably are wondering how much one could make with logistics services.

I’ve done a few findings and I bet the results will blow your mind. I may not put definite figures before you, but sure, I have good estimates.

How much can you really make with logistics? 

Let me paint some dots now and I will connect them later.

In the USA, facts have it that the average salary of logisticians was $53,000 in 2011. By now, the average salary of the same class of logisticians is $74,000. This could easily be seen as growth, but wait a bit, I will connect the dots.

The entire logistics industry itself is valued at trillions of dollars.

Another fact-filled stat has it that about 10% of the money spent on acquiring any consumable goods globally goes into logistics.

The USA spends over $1.1 trillion; India spends about 13% of its GDP on transport and particularly, logistics.

In 2015, China had more than 20 million trucks. Right now, that number is almost doubled.

The United Kingdom alone has over 190,000 logistics companies.
Over 9 billion tons of cargo is shipped over the ocean yearly. This is said to be over 80% of what is consumed globally.

From furniture to raw materials to just anything, the world shrinks into a small village and hence, the need to keep physical goods landing in the hands of consumers with every possible speed.


So, how much really can you earn from logistics services?

Anything! Yes, anything!

Let me connect the dots.

I have stated the abounding opportunities in the logistics industry quite vividly. Considering this, I would be quite short-sighted to place a figure on what you could make from an industry worth trillions of dollars and still growing.

I would be extremely naive to place a price limit on a company that moves around about 80% of the entire world’s consumer goods annually and accounts for about 10% of what goes into buying all consumer goods.

Here’s the deal: add up all of the monies spent in purchasing all that is purchased world over (exempting fixed stuff like lands), divide it by hundred and write down what 10% of it entails. That’s exactly what’s at stake!

Figuratively, I mean to say the opportunities here are endless.

In Africa and Nigeria, there is a dire need for an innovative sailing logistics service provider. Startups especially are daily having to battle a lot of chaos with delivery. Small-scale internet based businesses process orders and there’s no certainty that their orders will arrive at the destination that they promised.

This is an enormous opportunity for anyone who seeks to delve into the logistics business. One could leverage on the weaknesses of the available companies and harvest for themselves a fortune.

How much can you earn with logistics services? Thousands, millions, billions as much as you’re willing to work. Yes, it is that possible!


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