5 Tips To Customise Your Resume For Any Specific Job Position

Customising your resume for a specific job position can make all the difference in getting your first job interview. Making slight alterations to the description will ensure your resume highlights the most relevant skills and qualifications that are required in the job listing. So here is what you need to do:


1. Analyse the job description

Re-read the job posting and focus on the job title stated in the description, roles and responsibilities, job qualifications and work location. Pay attention to the keywords and catchphrase that are mentioned through the entire job description. Compile a list of terms and bookmark them next to all the words that represent a skill or duty you own in your previous employment.


2. Compare and match your resume’s target job title to the job listing

Compare your job description to determine if it uses a similar job title at the top of your resume. Try to match it if the job title is different. If you are applying for a job with the title as “Digital Marketing Executive.” you should apply the exact title at the top of your resume. A minor change in detail will make your resume stand out among other applicants.


3. Adjust your skills to match the keywords in the job description.

Incorporate specific key terms related to the qualifications on your resume to bypass the Applicant Tracking System(ATS). For example, as a Digital Marketing Executive, the following requirement is stated on the job description:

Requirements: Experience with SEO/SEM, Google Analytics and CRM software.

Compared to your unedited resume which currently describes your SEO skills.

Current Resume: Familiarity with SEO.

Your current resume is missing out several important key terms – SEM, Google Analytics and CRM Software. Instead, you should adjust your resume to match the job description. Try not to include skills that you don’t possess into your resume.


4. State your skills on the top third of the resume

It is necessary to customise your resume with the recruiter and hiring manager in mind. Emphasise on the upper half of the front page of your resume because this section is your window of opportunity to attract their attention. Point out your qualifications based on the requirements of the job description at the top section of your resume right below your contact information and job title. Summarise your work experience and achievements that is best suited to the job requirements in 3-5 lines on the job description. State yourself as a suitable candidate for the position by highlighting the best and most relevant qualifications.


5. Specify your location

There are employers out there that prefer to employ candidates that are located near the workplace due to travelling time. If you are seeking a job nearby you, employers should be aware that you are a local candidate. Highlight your location at the top of your resume. If you are planning to relocate to a place that is around the job you are applying for, make sure the recruiter is aware of it. Potential employers would be less likely to dismiss you due to location issues.

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