Overcoming Shortages of High-Skilled Jobs

According to the Malaysian Industrial Development Finance(MIDF) Research, the job market is still being dominated by low-skilled jobs as of January 2019. With the current trend favouring low-skilled jobs, employers and graduates will find themselves a hard time matching for the right job. In hopes of supporting graduates, the government has taken the initiative to promote reskilling and entrepreneurship, particularly in areas related to the 4th Industrial Revolution. It is expected that the demand for highly skilled workers will gradually increase within the years to come so it is important for employers and graduates alike to be prepared.


Preparing the future workforce

Investing in training and encouraging a culture of continuous learning will help organisations to remain ahead of the growing talent shortage. Emphasising on upskilling new and current employees is easier compared to finding new talents with the right skill-sets that match the job positions. With the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, there will be an increase in demand for skilled workers in the manufacturing sector from 18% in 2016 to 35% in 2025, according to MIDF Research head of research Mohd Redza Abdul Rahman.

Companies such as Walmart, CVS Health and Starbucks are key examples that utilise training programs to upskill entry-level workers and support them to climb up the career ladder within the company. This approach promotes loyalty and broadening the company’s skill base as well. Even LinkedIn provides learning and development benefits as a perk, giving employees the opportunity to develop in areas they require the most.


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Expanding your career path

There are employees who prefer not to do the same job for years and would prefer to look for a career transition that will improve their prospects for a better salary, potential promotions and new job opportunities. Continuing education is one of the key elements in today’s employment as it is a proven way to expand your career path. Instead of searching for jobs, employees can consider taking a “horizontal movement” which is to move across to a different department where the newly found skills can be applied. This trend will help both employee and the employer’s company, which is something that is worth exploring.

Starting a side business to make extra earning or exploring their interest has become a norm among people who are into working double jobs. A side gig has the potential to become profitable enough to replace the job that pays the bills.


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