7 Side Jobs that Pay Well in Malaysia 2019

There are no shortages of both offline and online job opportunities that pay well above the minimum wage. Most of these jobs are filled by people with diverse educational background stretching from high school to degree holders. Here are our top picks for side jobs that you should explore this year!


1. Become an online tutor

If you want to exceptional academic skills that you wish to share with students with a wide range of subjects ranging from mathematics, language literature or any other relevant courses where students from primary through college may have a hardship, here is your chance to put your learning chops to the test.

Website: https://snapask.com/en-my

How it works: SnapAsk works as a crowdsourcing platform for students to upload a photo of their unsolved homework for any qualified tutor to assist with it.

Income: RM1.50 for each answer given


2.Become a driver for rideshare service

Driving for a rideshare service company has become an attractive job to full time and part-timers. As most of your time is spent on picking up people and providing a pleasant riding experience, making a decent amount of money by fetching people only is a pretty lucrative job.


How it works: If you are thinking about becoming a driver for rideshare service, the registration is pretty straightforward albeit there are some requirements that you have to meet. These conditions may vary depending on which company you want to work with, so it is important for you to check the criteria in detail. Drivers income varies depending on location and time of the day.

Income: Average minimum fare per day RM50


3.Part-time freelance services

Online freelancing is a gateway to a huge scope of work opportunities and that includes part-timers as well. Ranging from graphic designing, digital marketing, writing, video editing, music and audio production, programming as well as business projects.


How it works: Fiverr is regarded as the largest marketplace for digital services which enables users to browse a wide selection of freelancers offering services. Your service is also known as the Gig that you sell on Fiverr. You can begin with showcasing your talent and expertise and provide potential buyers with all the details that they needed to help them decide to purchase your services.

Income: There is no limit on how much you can earn, only the limit on how much work you can do. How much you earn also depends on your niche and expertise.


4. Companion Care/Babysitting

Companion care and babysitting roles are identical with the only difference that one is to provide emotional support and companionship for senior whereas the latter is for young children. Companion care responsibilities may include a range of non-medical services, provide words of encouragement and light housekeeping tasks. Other important duties for babysitting include discipline and maintaining records of children’s daily activities.


How it works: CaregiverAsia operates similarly to a job site where you can sign up, optimise your profile with right skillsets before matching with clients. A wide range of services is provided from pregnancy, childcare, therapy, medical and nursing.

Income: Services are paid based on per session/hour/monthly basis



GoGet is a service that works similar to Grab for assisting people with various tasks. GoGetter, as they are called can be tasked with delivering errand, shopping, food delivery, cleaning, office tasks, assembling furniture and distribute pamphlets.


How it works: GoGet will provide a list of jobs based on the input of your dropoff location. Once you claim a job, you can proceed to carry out the task in hand and submit your invoice once the work is complete.

Income: Depending on how many jobs you take, the more jobs you do the more you earn. GoGetters have earned between RM500 to RM6000 a month.


6.Virtual Assistant

From social media management to web optimisation, these tasks are time-consuming which business owners can’t afford the time to work on. Truelancer provides the solution by curating freelance jobs in Malaysia. A range of tasks includes translation, graphic design, user-interface optimisation, content writing, web development, mobile applications and data entry are some of the most in-demand tasks that are available for people to pick up.


How it works: Truelancer is an online platform for freelancers and skilled individuals to search for jobs and earn money. Discover projects that match your skills and list down as many relevant skills you have to increase your odds of finding a work opportunity.

Income: Depending on experience, you can earn anywhere from RM40 an hour while those less experienced can earn RM20 an hour.



For pet lovers, PetBacker is an online platform that helps you to connect with other pet lovers to take care of their pets as if it’s their own family. Services include pet boarding, walking, grooming and even transportation are part of the job scope.

Website: https://www.petbacker.my/

How it works: Share your services that you can offer and get notified for new jobs and messages from pet lovers that need your assistance. You are free to arrange your own schedule and quote as well.

Income: At average, you can earn RM20 per day, extra charges are incurred for additional pets and other services.


Have you tried any of these side hustles? Share your experience with us at the comment sections below. Follow us for more daily career insights and new hirings to land your dream job. Head over to Jobstore.com and unveil your next job opportunity.

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