4 Career Path as a Tradesperson in 2019

Getting a job as a tradesperson is still lucrative that pays well and provides a long term job security. There will always be a need for welders, plumbers, electricians, mechanics and many more trades job as these skills are not something every average person has. Qualifications to become a tradesperson does not take a long time and you can work at the same time while you can still earn money and gain work experience. Trades are essential and not everyone can do them and you can work for as long as you want to as there will always be a demand for these services.


Becoming a welder

As a welder, you can utilise any number of processes to join metal using molten metal. When the metal cools, you got a joint that is as strong or stronger than the base metal. The average pay for a Welder is RM20.17 per hour according to PayScale. That said it does not tell you a whole lot because there are some welding specialists in Malaysia that are capable of making a lot more.

Most welders possess a certification to weld something very specific and they have built a solid career from there, for example as gas pipeline welding. The entry path for most welding jobs is pretty straightforward. Taking a study course in Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL) will give you a good head-start into this field.

Similar Welder Colleges in Malaysia you can find are:

  • University College of Technology Sarawak (UCTS)
  • Geospatial Science and Technology College (GSTC)
  • Curtin University
  • Edinburgh Napier University
  • Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARUC)
  • School of Professional and Continuing Education (UTMSPACE)


Becoming an electrician

Electricians are generally well paid with an average annual salary of RM26,400. As these trade professionals climb up to the end spectrum of engineering, or better management and organisational skills, the more they can make. Advanced training in engineering, technology and business is essential for those who wish to climb up their career ladder in this field.

Compared to plumbing, the job is equally hard as the time is spent mostly on routing, installing cables, attaching switches and setting up fixtures. These positions are critical to ensure that all electrical systems are running in perfect shape. As an electrician, you can work in different subfields such as electronics, signal processing, communication, instruments and computers. Here are some of the most recognised Electrical Engineering schools in Malaysia:

  • Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL)
  • University Technology Petronas (UTP)
  • Curtin University
  • University Technology Nasional
  • University College of Technology Sarawak (UCTS)
  • Asian Institute of Medicine, Science and Technology (AIMST)


Become a plumber

Most plumbing jobs can be well-paid due to its regard for public safety and health with an average annual salary of RM50,000. From installing or repairing piping systems, plumbing fixtures and equipment such as water heaters, the job can be physically taxing. For those who begin their careers can start by becoming a helper in established plumbing services or enrol in training centres such as:

  • IEM Training Centre
  • Industrial Training Institute of Kuala Lumpur
  • MLVK Centre
  • GIATMARA Malaysia


Becoming an automotive mechanic

Being a mechanic can be rewarding for those who want a secured job with good pay. Compared to construction jobs which can be affected by weather conditions to the stock market, a mechanic works like any regular office hours with overtime when needed. With an average annual salary of RM22,00, if you have that interest and desire to fix broken things, then taking a mechanic job is about as good as it gets.

Automotive maintenance plays a significant role in the industry seeing that every vehicle will require service for every 2-3 times each year. From the electronics to the gear transmission and fluids in the vehicle, it is critical to ensure all vehicle can operate effectively and efficiently. There are many institutions that provide practical sessions where you can be exposed to various automotive and service equipment such as:

  • The Otomotif College (TOC)
  • Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL)
  • DRB-HICOM University of Automotive Malaysia
  • Despark College

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