How to Ask Your Employer for PTPTN Loan Assistance

The student loan market and the subsequent rising student loan debt have affected so much of today’s economy that it has even become a component of job search and salary negotiations.  Vector Infotech Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian company specialising in the industrial network understands the challenges faced by employees who are still being held back by student loans. To help them repay their student loans, fresh graduates who have enrolled with the company, are required to complete their internship. An offer of employment will be provided as well upon feedback from the immediate superior. If you want to work for employers that can effectively help you pay off your student loan in addition to health care and various work benefits, you will need to start negotiating.


As a Jobseeker

Engaging in a conversation with your potential employers during salary negotiations 

Don’t wait until it is time to sign your work contract to discuss student loan repayment assistance. Ask your employer whether or not this benefit is being offered to employees. If they are not aware of such programs, explain the benefit that it is an increasingly popular benefit that helps employees to repay their student loans. Assuming that the concept is not known to the company, you can be the main influencer in introducing it to your potential employer to establish this offer as a benefit.


As an Employee

Arrange a meetup with the right person

It would probably take awhile to determine who is the right person in the company to ask about this potential offering. If you are already in the process of renegotiating then it may make sense to discuss it with your boss about. If not, then the HR department will be the best point of contact. Once you have decided who to reach out to, set up a formal meeting since you are asking for something important. It warrants more compared to a casual discussion and arranging a proper meeting will help convince your benefit provider to take your proposal seriously.


Come prepared

Arm yourself with facts in advance of your meeting by researching existing student loan repayment programs. The benefit is getting more recognition and has earned a great deal of coverage. Look at other businesses that are participating and how frequent they are. Since the benefit to the labor sector is still new, your employer may not be acquainted with it.


State the value-add and why you deserve it

Similar to negotiating a salary raise, you should explain why they should support you with repayment assistance. Also, according to the Government Budget 2019, employers who are helping to repay their employees ‘ outstanding loans from the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) will be able to enjoy a tax exemption this year. There is no minimum or maximum amount of loan payment for employers to benefit from a tax exemption. If the employer offers to pay up to a debt of RM50,000, he/she is entitled to a tax exemption of RM50,000. This is certainly a good situation for both you and your employer.


What is the employer’s incentive?

There are two main things that employers can gain by attracting and retaining top talent. In a competitive modern business, companies need to distinguish themselves from competitors to acquire the best and brightest employees. One way employers can do that is to offer student loan repayment benefits.


What to do if they decline your proposal

If your employer decides to deny your request, either because they simply can’t or don’t want to, it doesn’t mean that it would be the end of it. Identify the reasons why your employer rejects this proposal. If it was your performance, ask how you could improve.

For further details about the student loan repayment benefit, click here.

Employers can pay their employees’ PTPTN loans via Portal Majikan Online.


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