3 Interview Mistakes To Avoid To Get Hired Fast

Convincing a complete stranger to give you a dream job is no easy task. Place your feet in the wrong place and you will find yourself jeopardising your chances of getting hired.

Many of your dream jobs probably have more applicants, and sometimes even more than companies would consider interviewing. So what must you do to stand out and get them to hire you? Most importantly, what shouldn’t you do to lose your chances of getting hired.

1. Failing to Address What’s in the Job Description. 

Don’t forget to address and associate the responsibilities of the job position to you in your cover letter. If the job requires an additional language, such as Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia, or German, be sure to state that you can or can’t speak the language. You can’t learn a new language immediately, but expressing your worth and willingness might get you the job.

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2. You’re a Little Too Late.

When you didn’t get a call back from the company you have applied to, it’s sometimes because you have found yourself applying after the closing date of the job position. Think about it. Have you ever applied for a position few days after its deadline? Every company has its own recruitment style. Some might wait for all applications to be in and then proceed to the shortlisting and interviewing process. Some just potential and qualified candidates as they come.

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3. You Are Unprepared.

Failing to dress appropriately or as requested. Failing to bring copies of your resume and not being able to answer all the interview questions without a filler will not get you hired! 

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About the Author:

Nivetha Rashni a.k.a Niv, is a Digital Marketer who writes to help readers be informed about latest tips and tricks to achieve their goals. Niv has worked in the Human Resources and Human Capital industries in most of her professional career. Niv also has a passion for art and enjoys painting during her free time. 

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