Generation C in the Workforce

They’re a fresh generation, a new breed. Generation C(anyone born after 1990) that already part of the workforce. The “C”defined it as the  “Connected Consumer” by Brian Solis. These group of people can be found across various age groups that rely on technology as part of their daily lifestyle. The most distinct aspect of Generation C is that they can easily adapt to a multicultural organisation. Thanks to their digital proficiency, they are always connected to a vast community of people that are not just limited to their family, friends and colleagues. We have unravelled some of the unique strengths Generation Cs can offer to the workforce. Familiarising the entry of a connected generation is important for any organisations. Employers need to understand how to adjust to their work expectations, entice them to take up the job offer, train them and most importantly retain them. 


Strengths of Generation C

A flair for digital content creation 

Compared to other generations, they are exceptionally creative when it comes to utilising digital technology. Companies that employ digital content creators to invest heavily in marketing products to encourage this generation to display their creative skills. Some of the top companies that specialise in the digital content industry include Hootsuite Media, HubSpot, IBM, Amazon, Apple and many more!


Strong desire for curiosity

Generation C all have this common trait they are driven to learn and explore the greater truths within their industries, disciplines and data. Self-improvement is not only their main factor but also anything related to their profession. This trait is also part of what makes them highly competent in their career to stay relevant in the digital world. Without this trait, they will be lapped out by the next digital transformation or the next technological trend that comes out.


Aspiration to help other businesses grow

Organisations need to increase their business exposure to the digital world in hopes of gathering new leads, establishing their brands, increase conversions and sales. Generation C workforce is specialised in researching, building business connections and making purchase decisions on behalf of the company through the Internet. This makes them valuable assets to any organisations that strive to fit into the digital world and expand their business.


Collaborative and Innovative

Generation C strive to connect drives them into workplaces that promote teamwork. They like to be highly engaged and included at work, allowing them to mix in with any team because they are always open to communicating. They are willing to take risks in searching for a new path for themselves which opens the opportunity for them to be innovative when it comes to problem-solving. Most importantly, they possess a high level of tolerance towards differences, meaning they are more inclined to accept others feedbacks, opinions and willingness to try out new approaches.


How will companies adopt Generation C as part of the workforce?

With these set of strengths present in Generation C, how will organisations adapt to these digital workforce? Besides expanding the job scope, improving the work environment, and investing in the newest technology just like any other generations, they want to know what’s in it for them in the long run. They want to map their career path and know that their future is in good hands. They care deeply about their career advancement and personal development. Quarterly assessment meetings to discuss work performance and concerns about work is a great initiative as employers can learn how to improve their communication better with the employees and vice versa. It is also essential for employers to conduct appraisals and provide real-time feedback weekly to ensure employee performance is up to standards. 

Simultaneously, provide opportunities for Generation C to contribute to society. They enjoy connecting with communities. HR departments can organise company events that provide back to the community as part of the corporate and social responsibility. 

Whether you intend to attract Generation C or Gen Z, the approach is the same. You are basing your message on attracting the best talents for the job while searching for values and personality that best fit your company culture. What will certainly change is what Generation C are now some of the most innovative leaders who will be engaging and developing the next generation workforce.


How has your company adapt towards attracting and retaining Generation C workforce? Leave us your thoughts on the comment sections below. Head over to and unveil your next job opportunity.

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