4 Simple Tips For Sending Emails to Recruiters

Reaching out to recruiters is one of the best ways for getting yourself an interview with the job you want. That being said, most job seekers are not fond of reaching out to recruiters because they don’t know what to email to a recruiter. Here are a few simple tips to help you overcome this obstacle by presenting yourself in a way any recruiter would catch your interest.


1. Have a specific purpose for reaching out

Instead of opening with a vague request on your email, initiate with small talk at the start of an email is a great way to get along with the recruiter. Unless you are familiar with the recruiter, small talk may not be necessary and you can get straight to the point. Focus on having one clearly stated goal whether Is it about the company culture, asking for an introduction to the hiring team or getting follow-up about your candidacy are good reasons to send in an email to a recruiter. If you need to include multiple enquiries, try sorting them in bullet form.


2. Keep your email short and concise

Lengthy emails generally have poor reaction rates and short response times. Keeping your email brief and concise enables you to properly communicate your message to the recruiter while increasing the likelihood of a timely response. To get the best response rate, your emails should have between 75 to 100 words or try to limit the number of sentences to five.


3. Writing an excellent email subject line

On average, the email inbox shows about sixty characters on the subject line, while the mobile view shows less than 30 characters. It’s better to include keywords which make your email easier to find and reach. Try to avoid using filler words such as “Hello, “Thank you” or “Good day to you.” Only include them when you are at the email’s body.


4. Helpful email writing tools

There are plenty of handy tools that can help you with drafting your email. Here are some of the recommended ones to try out:

  • Easy Word Count: This tool helps check your spelling and provide you an accurate word count.
  • Hemingway: This tool is able to highlight the adverbs, complicated phrases, and passive voice sentences. It also shows the readability level. 
  • Boomerang for Gmail: With the email extension tool, you can look into a few elements such as the length of the subject, reading level, word count, subjectivity and politeness.
  • Just Not Sorry: A Google Chrome web extension, which helps you to improve your writing by highlighting words and phrases that appear unsuitable for the text.


With these simple tips in mind, here are a few email scripts that you can utilise to reach out to recruiters.


[Reaching Out] Format 1

Dear “Recruiter name,”

My name is “insert your name” and I recently applied to the “insert job position” at “insert company name”. I’m reaching out to introduce myself and learn more about “insert company name” work culture. Are you open to sharing your experience at “insert company name” sometime this “insert date”? I’m free anytime after “insert time”.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Best Regards,

“insert your name”


[Reaching Out] Format 2

Hi “Recruiter name”

My name is “insert your name” and since the start of the new month, I have started to search for a new career opportunity. It has been great working at “insert company name” as their “insert job title.” Currently, I’m looking for a company that can provide me with the opportunity with new challenges and grow my skill set. I’m focusing my job search on these three different companies for a career opportunity. I would highly appreciate your support by providing a direct introduction by email or a phone call to any contact you know who works at any of the companies listed below.

  • Name of company #1
  • Name of company #2
  • Name of company #3

Please include my LinkedIn profile and my resume attached in this email. Thank you so much for your assistance and let me know what else you need from me.

Best Regards,

“insert your name”


[Reaching Out] Format 3

Dear “Recruiter name”

I recently applied for a job opening at “insert company name” for the position of “insert position name” on your career site. I believe the position is a great fit with my experience in “insert skills and expertise.” You can learn more about my career by viewing my LinkedIn profile(insert URL link).

I’d love to set up a time to schedule a phone call and talk about the position and my work experience. I am available on “insert date and time.” I look forward to scheduling some time with you.


“insert your name”


[Following up]

My name is “insert your name,”and I reached out last week to find out more about your experience at “insert company name”. I didn’t want my last enquiry to get lost in your inbox. If you’re free, I’d love to chat anytime this “insert date and time”. Please let me know!

Thank you,

“insert your name”


What is your take on crafting the best email to reach to recruiters? Leave us your thoughts on the comment sections below. Head over to Jobstore.com and unveil your next job opportunity.


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