7 Tips To Job Search During the MCO Period

The COVID-19 Pandemic has severely slowed all the major aspects of the economy, and more people are losing their jobs as the situation prolonged. If you are unemployed and unprepared, this is not the end of the line. Here are several essential tips that you can take up now to help you adjust to the current situation and get your career back on track during the lockdown period.


1.Setup a schedule for your job search

Firstly you need a clear set of job goals from how you position your resume and online presence to how you prioritise your networking contacts. To make the most of your time during the lockdown period, set a time on your calendar daily to fully dedicate to job-search activity. While job-hunting is a long journey to achieve your desired job, keeping yourself motivated will help keep you on track from the start to the end. Set minor goals such as updating your resume, your networking profile and other networking activities to ensure you do not feel discouraged or overwhelmed while searching for jobs.



2. Strengthen your network connections

Networking is not always about asking someone for a job, it can be about asking your connections for information that can help you in your job search, to establish new connections or build rapport when the opportunity is open to you. You can even use your resume as a tool to strengthen your networking by seeking feedback on how to improve your resume further. Most importantly always remember to say thank you as creating a genuine and caring relationship is the pillar towards strengthening your network connections.


3. Research and apply for companies with potential growth due to COVID-19

This is one of the best times to search and apply to companies that have adapted during the outbreak and are also uniquely positioned to provide benefit for those who are mainly required to work from home. Majority of tech companies are equipped to transition their office roles to remote work to keep the business going as usual. Most of all, healthcare and manufacturing companies are on the look for new hirings as the demand for resources continues to rise due to COVID-19.


4. Give a new facelift on your resume and online profiles

With so many jobs and businesses disrupted during the lockdown period, searching for jobs will be challenging and even more so once the MCO has been lifted. Take this opportunity to revamp your resume and online profiles to highlight your current career accomplishments, skills and work experience. When it comes to looking for remote jobs, read thoroughly the job description to ensure specific skills are a match to the work details.



5. Online learning during the lockdown period

Besides utilising your time for job search, you can partake on online courses to expand your skills. It’s essential to take this opportunity to build up your qualifications. To find out more online courses, check out Coursera’s course collections during COVID-19.


6. Picking up gig jobs for temporary work

You should consider picking up gig work or freelance jobs if you need money to sustain during the lockdown period.  If this is your first attempt to partake in freelance work, look up at your transferable skills and determine which jobs you can tap into. 


7. Be patient with the job search process

Job search will take significantly longer time during the lockdown period as companies are working on making important changes to adapt into the current setting. At the same time, the least you can do is keep track of everything you do. Just a simple record will help put things in check.


What is your take on job searching during the lockdown period? Leave us your thoughts on the comment sections below. Head over to Jobstore.com and unveil your next job opportunity.

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