Employer Hiring Tips During and After MCO

Hiring new talents is inevitable and critical especially during the economic setbacks due to the pandemic outbreak. Now that working from home, self-isolation and social distancing have become a noxrm throughout the MCO period. Hiring managers and recruiters need to be able to adapt and move towards a better approach towards hiring processes as well. If you are struggling to pick qualified candidates, there are a few tips that can improve the process and encourage the best applicants to apply for your job. Here are 6 tips to improve your hiring process during and after the MCO.

1. Hiring remote workers and contract based

Remote and contract work is getting prominent recently, as more companies are now opening towards work from home policy. During the MCO period, most companies have opted to telecommute as the new work norm and it will still retain after the pandemic is over. It’s a good time to consider hiring contract-based workers if you’re unable to find qualified candidates to employ for full-time. 

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2. Emphasize on promoting job growth and security

During your hiring process during and after the MCO period, always remember to focus on promoting long-term job security and opportunities for career growth. Many unemployed people will always be looking for economic setbacks. If you’re looking to attract new talents during the MCO, it’s essential to establish job security into the job value proposition. This would allow you to promote career growth and security in your job posting and communications to interested candidates to ease their concerns about their future.

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3. Determining what candidate that best fit for the job

There will be a huge surge of job applications during this few months and it’s critical to ensure that you continue prioritising quality candidates and those that fit the job. In struggling times of budget cuts and cost upkeep, you don’t want to invest in hiring someone just to lose them in a month because they are simply not fit for the role, and having to jumpstart your hiring process all over again. Before you get started, ask yourself what is your ideal job candidate. Emphasizing on quality candidates first, this would help ensure that you have a strong company culture and maintain engagement levels at the optimum level even during and after the MCO period.           

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4. Consider providing more employee benefits 

The pandemic has shown a lot of people to be more aware of the benefits provided by their company. With many people unemployed, the majority are looking out at the changes to the structure of employee benefits. Most are looking into improved sick leave policies, better health coverage or any benefits that can help a person’s well being. 

Benefits and Leave - UNC Human Resources


5. A digital interview is still essential

With the pandemic situation persisting, digital interviews are an absolute win for both interviewer and interviewee. Besides protecting both sides, it also provides great flexibility for job applicants and it’s a well-received concept that should still be practised even after the MCO.             

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6. Utilizing your existing candidate pool

Every company possesses its pools of candidates who have submitted applications and may still be seeking a new job. What if you have new job openings that some of the previous candidates may just be the perfect fit? These potential candidates may even have to pick up skills and work experience that fit the position. That being said, it is essential to utilize the right approach to reach back to these candidates since they have already been rejected previously.

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