How to Create an Outstanding Digital Portfolio

Creating your very own digital portfolio is a great way to effectively display your skills. Marketing professionals, copywriters, UX designers, graphic designers and other creative professions are known for using online portfolios to showcase their works. If you want to make your digital portfolio that is eye-catching, find out what it takes to create one that suits your needs while highlighting your skills and experience.

Design your portfolio or using a theme

First of all, you will need to have a website to build your portfolio. If you’re a web developer or if you’re just well versed in web design, you can create your site from scratch. Alternatively, you can go to website builders such as WordPress where you will have access to various themes which can be customized to fit your portfolio. There are other great portfolio builders that you can look into, some of the popular tools include:

Jimdo: Suitable for creative users such as designers, artists and photographers.

Adobe Portfolio: One of the most trusted brands for design works, this tool offers web hosting and unlimited pages.

PortfolioBox: This site has all the essential tools you need to create your digital portfolio website right in your web browser.

Showcase your best work

You may be thinking of adding all your previous works into your portfolio, but it just makes it take too much time for people to review your work. It’s best to handpick yourself the best projects that adequately demonstrate your talent and skills. Keep in mind that your digital portfolio should display your core strengths, work experience and technical ability. If possible, try to showcase your most recent works unless you have a high-profile project that is worth including in your portfolio. Moreover, be sure to include works that are best tailored to the position that you are looking for. This is to ensure your digital portfolio content remains relevant and appeal towards interested companies that you are applying for.

Provide detailed caption information of your best works

It’s important to provide a compelling description of each work that you want to showcase on your digital portfolio. A vital context that you should consider adding include the client you work for, key details that touch on the main goal of your work and your role in the project. When it comes to the format of your digital portfolio, it’s best to ensure that it’s related to the industry you are applying for. Alternatively, you can design your portfolio in chronological order by starting with your most recent projects to display your career progression.

Screen through your portfolio before sharing it

Before you start applying for jobs and sharing your portfolio to potential employers, you need to ensure that your portfolio is easy to view on any platform or browser. Any images that you have uploaded into your portfolio should be optimized to ensure the loading times do not take too long. Any links added into your portfolio must be checked to ensure that there are no broken links. You will also need to check that your digital portfolio can be open on all platforms, that includes laptop and mobile devices. Last but not least, don’t forget to proofread all the information on your portfolio to avoid any spelling mistakes.

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