Creating Video Resume: A Beginner’s Guide

Are you one of those job seekers who can’t seem to get any response from the employers? Do you want the recruiters to notice your application instantly? A well-designed resume may capture lots of attention, but there’s another way that warrants an interview call: Video resume.

Although a video presentation does not replace a resume, it certainly adds extra values to an ordinary job application. Imagine walking in the recruiter’s shoes, wouldn’t you be more impressed by the candidate who communicates to you more than a ‘soulless’ paper?

With that said, let’s explore how you can make use of video resume to improve your employment candidacy.

When to submit a video resume

video resume

Anyone can be creative with a job application, but a video resume is not 100% an optimum method to win the recruiters. To make sure that your effort does not go to waste, you should figure out what are the top values that they are looking for.

You would definitely want to record a video to highlight your communication and presentation skills if you are applying for a role related to the fields of Media, Digital, Sales and Marketing, etc. And obviously, it can be a great portfolio for other creative professions as well.

In general, if the job focuses mainly on technical skills, think Engineer or Financial Management position in a traditional corporation, a video resume may not be an added advantage when it comes to screening for shortlisting.

One video for all applications

First things first, as a rule of thumb, mass CV submission is never a good idea. However, the best thing about video resume is that you can use it multiple times because it is simply a self-promotional presentation.

Many people consider video resume as a verbal version of the traditional one, which is not entirely true. In most cases, it is a ‘trailer’ to your application, a short introduction that tells people who you are on a more personal level.

Here’s a quick self-introduction video that can be applied for a job application:

A video resume is the best channel to share your belief and objectives, which are the factors that set you apart from the sea of other job seekers.

If you decide to reach out to potential employers this way, keep in mind these points before recording your message:

  • Precise: Don’t exaggerate who you are, only share the facts that add values
  • Concise: No one is interested in your childhood stories, keep your introduction short and relevant
  • Unique: What are your proudest achievements? What talents do you have? What motivates you to pursue whatever you are doing now? Don’t forget to share them!
  • Expressive: Don’t just read the script, try to show an enthusiasm through your speech to make the video more interesting. Also, remember to define a clear objective at the end, tell your viewers, for example, what career opportunities you are seeking.

A full video resume for a single application

Unlike the previous format, a longer presentation comprises of all the other information that is related to the applying position and the content should be more company-centric. Besides the standard self-introduction part, you need to mention your experiences that directly connect with the position you are applying for along with your technical skills as well as professional achievements.

However, you shouldn’t read out the bullet points from the paper resume, there are many creative ways you to create a compelling story that reflects your career path. And the most important part is what you can offer to the employer. You need to do a research about the company beforehand in order to come up with the right message.

Watch the video below to see how storytelling makes an ordinary job application more impactful:

Here’s a quick guide to creating a complete video resume:

  • Research: You need to thoroughly understand the background as well as the business model of the company. It’s ideal to share with the recruiter what makes you interested in applying for their organisation.
  • Define: Your passion and your values. These two aspects are the traits that differentiate you from other candidates. Do mention what led you to pursue your career because it reflects your dedication and ambition for the job.
  • Offer: So you are confident that you would make a good fit for the position, but let’s try to be more specific, what values that you can offer to create an impact on the company? Avoid general statements like hard-working or patient, the recruiters need to hear the practical skills that are desirable for the job. For example, a good writing skill for future business proposal, or advanced performance marketing skill that helps improve online conversion rate and so on.

Share your video resume

Now, you can upload your presentation to any online video sharing site, primarily YouTube, to get the shareable link. Simply include the link in your written resume and the email application, make sure to highlight it as your Video Introduction/ Resume.

Besides sharing a clickable link, you can even generate a QR code so that the recruiters can access the video with their own smartphone instantly. Have the code included at the end of your paper resume (which looks like a promotional coupon). But this is preferably for generic introduction video only.

sample resume
A traditional resume with a QR code links to the video presentation.

More tips on recording your first video resume

  • If possible, look for help from an experienced videographer.
  • But don’t worry if you can’t find one, all you need is a smartphone with decent recording function.
  • Set up a professional shooting scene (such as an office setting) and reduce the background noise as much as possible (preferably a closed room with no fan or air-conditioner). You can also shoot the video outdoor providing you have sufficient recording equipment.
  • Try to speak as loud as you can, then select a suitable background music later on.
  • Edit your video easily with the free Windows Movie Maker software.
  • Keep the introduction to maximum 1 minute long, while a full video resume can be anywhere between 1 – 3 minutes.
  • Don’t forget to include your contact details at the end.

That’s it! All that’s left to do is showing the video to your friends and family before spreading it to the world. Follow us to receive more tips and advice for your career.

Good luck!

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