The Great Resignation: What’s Going On?

Social unpredictability and instability can have far-reaching effects. It’s possible that it triggered the Great Resignation.

With the economy and the lives of so many people being shaken up on such a large scale, many people are refocusing on what is most important to them. During that time of self-reflection and thought, people reevaluated their jobs and career choices.

What is the Great Resignation?

During the pandemic, employees in many fields realized they weren’t happy with their jobs. People quit their jobs because they didn’t like where they worked, the business they were in, or how they balanced work and life.

The Great Resignation is a term that Anthony Klotz created. Klotz is a part-time management professor at Texas A&M University. In May 2021, a Bloomberg Businessweek story said that Klotz used the term. In the piece, he talked about the “Great Resignation,” which he said would be the mass leaving of jobs and careers that people no longer wanted to do.

People sometimes consider the Great Resignation the start of the quiet quitting trend.

Why is the Great Resignation happening?

A survey among more than 1,000 Malaysian professionals in 2021 showed that about 61% of workers left their jobs in 2022. Most of the people who might leave their jobs were under the age of 35. The study found that the main reasons for this were:

  • Lack of career advancement
  • Lack of appreciation/progress
  • Insufficient training opportunities
  • Insufficient pay
  • Overworked
  • Inflexible employment arrangements

Many people leave leisure, hospitality, and food services jobs. Many people have also left the retail industry. During the worst pandemic, many people in these fields had their hours cut or were let go.

These workers understood their jobs’ instability and that they had no job security. So they collectively quit their jobs.

The Great Resignation may be even more significant for younger workers, who frequently prioritize a healthy work-life balance over financial rewards.

The Great Resignation: What's Going On?

What can employers do?

As a company, people are its most valuable asset and it’s essential to do what you need to do to keep them from leaving your business.

The smart thing for companies and HR managers is to avoid any problems with retaining employees. Here are some quick steps you can take to help your company deal with the Great Resignation:

  • Find out what’s going on.
  • Set up straightforward ways to move forward.
  • Review the wage.
  • Find out how to make changes to the way you work.
  • Review your company culture.

Try to address the most common reasons people leave their jobs, such as job security, a toxic work environment, or even the uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

Your business should also be going through the digitalization process, which is a must. In the past two years, it’s become evident that companies that want to succeed in 2023 and beyond must be fully digitalized and digitally secure.

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