5 Soft Skills You Can Learn From Retail Job

When you work in retail, you do more than fold clothes. There are many different kinds of shops that sell things. The retail industry in Malaysia is as extensive and diverse as the country’s people. It sells a massive range of goods to individuals and businesses, meaning that working in the industry will teach you a wide range of soft skills.

Getting a job in retail doesn’t mean you’ll always be a salesperson. In fact, most of the soft skills you learn in retail are very useful in other fields. Transferable skills can be used in many different situations and occupations.

Here are 5 soft skills that you can apply in various work fields:

1. Multi-tasking

Being able to do more than one thing at once is a crucial skill for people who work in retail. Employers are very interested in people who have shown they can think on their feet, juggle and prioritize a list of jobs, and handle several tasks at once. In a busy store, you’ll quickly learn how to do two or more things simultaneously.

2. Time management

In retail, you’ll often start the day by making an extensive list of things that need to be done. The stock needs to be sorted, orders to be placed, inventory to be taken, store displays to be managed, cleaning to be done, and much more. This list can get long, and that’s before you add serving people to the mix.

Your main job in the store is to give customers excellent service and care, but you should also make the most of quiet times. As you gain more knowledge, you’ll learn how to manage your time and prioritize things. This will teach you how to get through every workday, no matter what you do or where you work.

5 Soft Skills You Can Learn From Retail Job

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3. Interpersonal skills

People skills are the most important thing you’ll learn when you work in retail. To be good at customer service in retail, you need a lot of energy, a positive attitude, and emotional understanding. Even if the customer doesn’t know what they want, it’s your job to help them find it. You’ll learn how to make customers feel comfortable in the store and determine how much they want to talk. We all know there’s nothing worse than a salesperson who won’t let you browse in peace.

4. Patience and diplomacy

In all service businesses, it’s the same: The customer is always right. Even so, they’re not always right. It can be challenging to deal with a conflict you think is unjustified or based on bad information. Still, staying friendly with customers is always better than showing your frustration.

For example, suppose a customer wants to return an item not covered by the returns policy. In that case, you need to find a way to tell them about the policy and why you can’t do what they want in a friendly but firm manner. This tactfulness will help you at work and in your personal life and make you very attractive to many different kinds of companies.

5. Teamwork

In shopping, you have to be able to work well with other people. Teamwork means that you can take constructive feedback, divide up the work, help your coworkers when you see them struggling, and accept help. A good team player might even be asked to train or lead others one day.

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