During an interview, hiring managers would typically ask whether you as the candidate have any questions for them on the company or the role. This opportunity allows you to ask about anything you haven’t known of during the conversation and ensures that you are familiar with the company and its expectations. Knowing what to ask and what questions to omit can help you gain a better understanding while also making a good impression. 

It is important to prepare a list of questions to ask the hiring manager about the company and the position. The type of questions you ask can give an impression to your employer on your work ethics and priorities. 

These are 5 questions you can ask the hiring manager during the interview:


1. “What’s the overall purpose of the position?”

This is to fully understand the purpose of your role and what you will be doing. When the interviewer answers this question, they may reveal information on the company that may answer or raise any further questions. The more information you get on your position and the company can increase your chances to be chosen. 

2. “What is the history of this position?”

The answer you receive from this question lets you know if the position is new or has always existed within the company and if the responsibilities and duties have evolved. It is also helpful to ask about the future of the position to know if there is any opportunity for advancement in the future. 

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3. “Why is this position being created?”

If this position is new, asking this question can inform you of the need for the position for the company. As a follow-up question, you can ask if you are the first person to be filling this role. Being the first in a position has its challenges so it is best to know their expectations towards this position. 

4. “What is the culture of the company?”

Knowing the culture of a company you are applying for is important. It allows you to know whether the employees enjoy working there or if they are just working there. A positive culture prompts growth from within while improving employee morale can make any job more enjoyable. 

5. “What skills are you looking for in a candidate?”

This lets you know if you have the necessary skills to be a quality and successful employee in this role. It can also tell you which areas you can highlight or give attention to your background and experience. By telling them the information they want to know, it will set you apart from other candidates. 

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