3 Ways to Fight Bias and Discrimination During Job Search

3 Ways to Fight Bias and Discrimination During Job Search

3 Ways to Fight Bias and Discrimination During Job SearchInc. magazine says that 73% of people looking for a new job say it is one of the most challenging things they have ever done. And having to fight against discrimination can make it even harder during a job search.

We will provide some tips to help you fight bias in your job search, whether based on something obvious like weight, race, or age or less obvious like mental health, being a mother or having a hidden disability.

Here are 3 ways to fight bias and discrimination during a job search:

1. Set yourself up for success.

Each job seeker decides how much they want to hide or show off their diversity variables, says CareerWise Weekly. How much of yourself do you want to bring to work? Everyone should feel safe and important at work, but it’s up to you to figure out what that means before you start looking for a job. 

If you are the only woman at work or person from a particular country, will that change how happy and satisfied you are with your job? If you want to work from home on a small team across the country, you might feel differently than in a big office with many people. 

Knowing ahead of time what you can’t change about a potential job will help you narrow your list down to companies that are a good fit. Once you know what you’re looking for in your new job, you can start looking into possible companies.


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2. Make sure you’re ready to succeed before you apply.

GP Chemist says that you should look at a company’s diversity statement and find out what programs or events they offer to support those goals. Companies need a goal statement about being inclusive, but it might not be hard. But making sure that the task gets done is more important.

Check the company’s social media to learn about groups and work opportunities. A red flag should also be a lack of diversity in leadership roles and job postings that favor men over women.

When you find a job you like, do everything you can to do well. Make sure you have a professional email address and a professional, up-to-date online profile:

  • Have a picture taken by a pro

  • Don’t use a font with curves.

  • Take off dates from your schooling and work history.

  • Set the privacy settings on your social media accounts.

  • Make sure your LinkedIn page doesn’t have outdated terms.

Be ready and aware of how you think of yourself. Don’t give in to feeling like a fraud. Some cultural ideas about a job, like the idea that scientists are mostly men, can stop you from sending in an application. Look over the requirements, and don’t be afraid to send in a resume if you meet most of them. 

Keep a good attitude. Some things about a job search are out of your hands. Don’t worry about those things. Instead, put your best foot forward by putting your skills front and center on your resume. 

3. Put yourself in a position to succeed when being interviewed.

Be sure of yourself once you’ve been asked to come in for an interview. Do some study on the company and practice how to answer common questions. Then, when it’s time to ask the interviewer questions, be ready with questions about inclusion. 

Here are some questions to think about:

  • How do you help people feel welcome? 

  • What kinds of training do you offer on diversity?

  • How would you explain the culture of the company?

  • How do you decide if you’re doing well in this role? 

  • What kind of workers tend to do well here?

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