A work-from-home job gives us the freedom of time that has never been achieved before whether it is part-time or full time. There are several career opportunities for those wanting to have that freedom of time that only requires technical skills or college degrees while others involve having artistic and interpersonal skills such as writing, designing and communicating. 


  1. Technical Writer


Technical writers plan, develop, organise, write and edit any operational procedures and manuals in order to simplify the instructions for the users to read. Their tasks include researching, developing and documenting technical design specifications and test scripts and producing electronic documents in addition to hard-copy manuals as well. 

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2. Freelance Marketing Consultant 


Freelance marketing consultants may create plans for strategic positioning with a company’s marketing department, executives or other high-level managers. Marketing plans typically address core initiatives and recommend product positioning approaches for each new offering. A freelance marketing consultant may also suggest various marketing strategies businesses can benefit from using and researching the current market conditions for different industries. 

3. Sales Representative


Sales representatives capture customer information including addresses and phone numbers, for future follow-up. They adjust sales presentations based on success and fail averages and build customer rapport through friendly, engaging communication. They match the customers’ need for a specific product or service to provide customer satisfaction. This remote job may also have specific sales goals to achieve on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. 

4. Affiliate Marketing Manager


Affiliate marketing managers have to perform day-to-day management duties to maintain and enhance assigned accounts and solve issues. Therefore, they are active in industry groups where they must propose new potential accounts and retrieve new and returning business. 

5. Web Developer


Web developers create applications that address the software development life cycles. They have to develop comprehensive application testing procedures and update any existing applications in order to meet the security and functional requirements and standards.

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