Operations Associate Job Description Template

Operations Associate Job Description

An Operations Associate is a professional who performs various administrative duties in order to support an organization’s business operations. 

Use this job description to recruit qualified candidates for your open positions. Also, feel free to modify the responsibilities and requirements to suit your needs.

Operations Associate responsibilities include:

  • Performing administrative duties, including telephone reception as well as appointment scheduling.
  • Assisting human resources with recruitment and also work schedule development.
  • Helping the operations manager enforce company policies and standards.

Job Brief

We seek an Operations Associate to join our team and support our organization by overseeing our business operations’ day-to-day duties and also administrative requirements. 

You will perform various administrative tasks, enforces the organization’s policies and standards, as well as assists with recruitment efforts. 

Eventually, you will collaborate with departments across the organization to ensure all administrative and operational tasks are completed as required.


  • Assist the Operations Manager with day-to-day operations.
  • Carry out administrative duties.
  • Maintain operation timetable.
  • Collaborate with various departments.
  • Help with recruitment and training of new employees.

Requirements and skills

  • Proven experience as an Operations Associate or in a comparable position.
  • Superior communication as well as listening abilities.
  • Capacity to perform under pressure.
  • Strong computer expertise.
  • Experience with inventory management, database, or comparable software applications is advantageous.
  • Training and/or certifications applicable to the role.

Salary Range

The average monthly salary for Operations Associate jobs in Malaysia ranges from RM 5,078 to RM 6,870.

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