Assistant Manager Job Description Template

Assistant Manager Job Description

Assistant Manager assist the store manager in organizing, planning, and implementing strategies. In addition, they coordinate retail store operations and ensure that employees meet store goals and schedules.

This job description template for Assistant Manager has been formatted for posting on online job platforms and also careers pages. Therefore, feel free to modify this template to include retail store management duties and responsibilities.

Assistant Manager responsibilities include:

  • Assisting the manager with strategy organization, planning, as well as implementation.
  • Coordinating retail establishment operations.
  • Ensuring employees meet store objectives and also schedules.

Job Brief

We seek a dependable Assistant Manager to assist with the organization and operation of our retail stores and to step in for the Store Manager when necessary. Your role will ensure the sales team reaches its efficiency and customer satisfaction objectives.

The responsibilities of the Assistant Manager include hiring and training sales associates, monitoring inventory, as well as procuring products based on demand. You will also conduct competitive product research and consumer behavior analysis to ensure that our store exceeds customer expectations.

Our ideal candidate will possess retail manager abilities and a keen business intellect. Also required are organizational and problem-solving skills. Interpersonal and mediation skills will also be very useful in order to act as a liaison between managers, employees, and consumers.

Eventually, the Assistant Manager is responsible for ensuring that our stores operate efficiently and that our consumers are satisfied.


  • Assist the Retail Store Manager in developing and implementing customer acquisition strategies.
  • Coordinate daily client service activities (such as sales processes, orders, and payments).
  • Follow the progress of weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals.
  • Monitor and maintain inventory levels.
  • Assess employee performance and determine hiring as well as training requirements.
  • Supervise and also inspire staff to achieve optimal performance.
  • Mentor and assist new and seasoned Sales Associates
  • Monitor operating costs, budgets, and resources in retail.
  • Propose sales training programs and strategies.
  • Communicate with clients and assess their requirements.
  • Conduct a consumer behavior analysis and adjust product positioning.
  • Respond to customer complaints.
  • Research emerging products and use the resulting data to update the store’s inventory.
  • Create reports, analyze and interpret retail data, including sales, expenses, and competition.
  • Regularly conduct audits to guarantee the store’s functionality and appearance.
  • Ensure that every employee follows the company’s policies and guidelines.
  • Act as a store representative and set an example for the staff.

Requirements and Skills

  • Proven experience as an Assistant Retail Manager or in a comparable role
  • Expertise in recruitment and performance evaluation
  • Knowledge of financial and customer service fundamentals
  • Constructing and analyzing reports, spreadsheets, and sales statistics requires proficiency in mathematics.
  • MS Office (e.g., MS Excel in particular) expert user
  • Leadership and administrative skills
  • Interpersonal and communication competencies
  • Problem-solving mentality
  • The ability to work flextime
  • BSc/BA in Business Administration or relevant field; an advanced degree is preferred.

Salary Range

The average monthly salary for Assistant Manager jobs in Malaysia ranges from RM 5,500 to RM 7,500.

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