6 Tips to Write an Email that Lands Your Dream Job (With Example)

6 Tips to Write an Email that Lands Your Dream Job (With Example)

If you’re looking for a job, do something most people won’t. Reach out with an email that shows you went the extra mile.

You might be afraid that they won’t like you or that it will hurt your chances. Not at all. But this doesn’t mean you can send any emails.

For cold emails to work, you must be clear about what you want, how to say it, and who to ask.

List your dream jobs, companies, and people to call. Research news about the business, how it reacts to changes in the market, and how the brand or key employees feel on different online platforms. This study can help you determine your thoughts about the company’s direction, why you want to work there, and how you can help.

Next, write your email using this proven structure based on the study of hundreds of thousands of great emails.

Here are 6 tips for writing an email that will get you that job:

1. Make sure the job is still available. 

“Are you still hiring for…?” starts a conversation and gets them ready to answer, unlike “I hope this finds you well” or “My name is…” and “I’m a…” which don’t get people interested. People looking for jobs often feel they must describe themselves and talk too much in an intro.

6 Tips to Write an Email that Lands Your Dream Job (With Example)


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2. Give some background to show you’ve looked into the company. 

What’s happening at the company and in the market where they compete? This shows that you want to work there and have real reasons for wanting to.

3. Focus on what you do well. 

Match your skills to what it needs based on what you’ve learned about the company.

4. Talk about weaknesses in a good way. 

Any job will ask you to do things you’re not good at. Call them out, but frame them as chances to improve.

5. Lessen the risk. 

Show that you’re working on the problem, or use strength to show that you’ll get past it.

6. Be quick and clear in your email. 

An analysis found that the best emails have between 25 and 50 words. Also, emails written at a reading level between third and fifth grade get 67% more answers. So, write in short, simple words and short paragraphs.

Take a look at the email example below:

Responsibility in Graphic Design

Hi ___,

I noticed your posting for a graphic designer. Is it currently open?

I was browsing your company’s website and was impressed by the brand aesthetic you’ve established.

As you reach a larger audience, I believe I will be able to help elevate that energy. This is something I’ve done for the last two companies I’ve worked for. (I’ve included my resume below.)

What sparks my interest is the team’s emphasis on video content.

I intend to pursue my learning and growth in video. You can view examples of my recent TikTok improvement in my portfolio.

If the position is still available and you believe I am a suitable fit, please review my portfolio here.


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