Procurement Manager Job Description Template

Procurement Manager Job Description TemplateProcurement Manager Job Description

This job description template for Procurement Manager is optimized for posting on online job platforms or careers pages. It is simple to personalize your company’s important management responsibilities.

Procurement Manager responsibilities include:

  • Formulating and implementing effective procurement and sourcing strategies

  • Identifying profitable vendors and initiating procurement partnerships

  • Negotiating advantageous terms with external suppliers

Job Brief

We seek an experienced Procurement Manager to oversee the company’s product and service procurement. Responsibilities  include devising strategies for locating cost-effective agreements and suppliers. It is the responsibility of the Procurement Manager to identify the most effective methods to reduce procurement costs so that the business can invest in growth and people.


  • Develop and implement effective sourcing strategies

  • Identify profitable suppliers and establish business and organization partnerships.

  • Obtain advantageous terms by bargaining with external vendors.

  • Authorize the procurement of essential products and services

  • Complete the purchasing details of orders and shipments

  • Analyze and evaluate existing contracts

  • Monitor and report key functional metrics to reduce costs and enhance performance

  • Collaborate with crucial individuals to clarify the company’s specifications and expectations.

  • Anticipate changes in the relative negotiating power of suppliers and clients.

  • Through data analysis, anticipate unfavorable events and create control strategies

  • Perform risk management on supply agreements and contracts

  • Control costs and instill a culture of long-term procurement cost savings

Requirements and Skills

  • Proven experience as a Procurement Manager, Procurement Officer, or Procurement Director is required.

  • Knowledge of sourcing and procurement techniques as well as “reading” the market dexterity are required.

  • negotiation and networking skill

  • Excellent familiarity with suppliers or third-party management software

  • Decision-making and number-crunching aptitude

  • Experience in data collection and analysis

  • Superior leadership qualities

  • BSc in logistics, supply chain management, or business administration

Salary Range

The average monthly salary for Procurement Manager jobs in Malaysia ranges from RM 7,550 to RM 10,050.

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