Credit Officer Job Description Template

Credit Officer Job Description Template

Credit Officer Job Description TemplateCredit Officer Job Description

Use this Credit Officer job description template to attract qualified applicants for positions in the Accounting department.

Credit Officer responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing loan applications

  • Assessing the financial standing of customers

  • Creditworthiness and risk evaluation

Job Brief

We seek a Credit Officer to facilitate lending for our clients by evaluating creditworthiness and processing pertinent documentation.

Your responsibilities include producing loan applications, assessing clients’ financial information, and calculating risk ratios. To be successful in this position, you must have knowledge of lending procedures and customer service experience.

Ultimately, you will assist our clients in acquiring loans on time while ensuring that we adhere to the law.


  • Review loan applications

  • Assess the financial status of clients.

  • Assess creditworthiness and dangers.

  • Contact customers to collect financial information and documentation.

  • Assess risks and approve or deny loan applications.

  • Compute financial ratios (such as credit scores and interest rates).

  • Establish payment agreements

  • Maintain current loan application records.

  • Contact clients regarding loan renewals.

  • Track the development of existing loans.

Requirements and Skills

  • Proven experience in this position

  • Practical knowledge of lending procedures and products

  • Capability to generate and manipulate financial spreadsheets

  • Strong analytic abilities

  • Customer service encounters

  • Bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance, Economics, or a related field

Salary Range

The average monthly salary for Credit Officer jobs in Malaysia ranges from RM 3,500 to RM 4,200.

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