Operations Coordinator Job Description Template

Operations Coordinator Job Description Template

Operations Coordinator Job Description TemplateOperations Coordinator Job Description

A Coordinator of Operations is responsible for ensuring the seamless operation of all departments. They plan purchases, negotiate contracts, and coordinate budgets to ensure minimal downtime or interruptions to the operations of a particular department.

Use this Operations Coordinator job description to recruit qualified candidates for your open positions. Please feel free to modify the responsibilities and requirements to suit your needs.

Operations Coordinator responsibilities include:

  • Contributing to the daily management of operational activities

  • Performing administrative duties, such as booking travel, answering the phone, arranging meetings, etc.

  • Managing office supplies and office equipment maintenance

Job Brief

We seek a dependable and well-organized Operations Coordinator to assist with the daily management of logistics and activities. You will contribute administratively to this position by assisting our project teams, assisting human resources, organizing company events, and coordinating employee training. 

The responsibilities of an Operations Coordinator include facilitating the organization’s operation and ensuring that all deadlines, event plans, and related tasks are met on time and without incident.

You will ultimately serve in a support capacity and supervise various administrative duties.


  • Facilitating consumer and employee cross-channel feedback to management and executive teams

  • Working with team leaders, managers, and department chiefs to determine the needs and objectives of the department

  • Ensuring that all activities adhere to local, federal, industry, and company specifications

  • Observing, evaluating, and analyzing processes in order to identify inefficiencies and improvement opportunities.

  • Identifying and resolving any production process issues

Requirements and Skills

  • Proven experience as an Operations Coordinator or in a comparable position

  • Abilities in time management, prioritization, and multitasking

  • Superior interpersonal skills for fostering strong relationships with coworkers.

  • Effective communication is comprised of speaking, writing, and active listening.

  • Capable of providing and receiving feedback and constructive criticism via multiple channels.

  • Superior strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities

  • recommended high school diploma or equivalent

Salary Range

The average monthly salary for Operations Coordinator jobs in Malaysia ranges from RM 2,900 to RM 3,800.

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