Video Editor Job Description Template

Video Editor Job Description Template

Video Editor Job Description TemplateVideo Editor Job Description

A Video Editor is a professional responsible for transforming the unedited footage captured by the film crew and director in order for it to be a unified video or film. The Video Editor must adhere to the provided outline, script, and also any additional instructions for what should occur in each scene.

Video Editor responsibilities include:

  • Invisible manipulation as well as editing of film clips.

  • Using a brief to determine the objectives and also specifications of the production team

  • Examining the shooting script and raw material in order to construct a shot decision list based on the value and contribution of each scene to continuity

Job Brief

We seek a skilled Video Editor to compile recorded footage into a broadcast-ready final product consistent with the director’s vision.

Thus, you should be able to combine images and sounds with telling a coherent story.


  • Invisible manipulation and also editing of film segments.

  • Take a brief to determine the objectives and specifications of the production team.

  • Examine the filming script and raw material in order to compile a shot decision list based on the scenes’ importance to continuity.

  • Trim footage segments and assemble the film’s sequence.

  • Input audio, visuals, as well as sound effects

  • Create initial and final video cuts.

  • Ensure logical sequencing and efficient operation.

  • Consult stakeholders throughout the production and post-production phases.

  • Continuously identify and implement cutting-edge editing technologies and industry best practices to maximize productivity.

Requirements and Skills

  • Proven track record as a Video Editor

  • Extensive familiarity with digital technologies and editing software (e.g., Avid Media Composer, Lightworks, Premiere, After Effects, and Final Cut).

  • Capabilities in video editing with a solid portfolio

  • Comprehensive understanding of timing, motivation, and continuity

  • Knowledge of special effects, 3D, and also compositing.

  • Imaginative intellect and storytelling abilities

  • Bachelor of Science degree in film studies, cinematography, or a related field

Salary Range

The average monthly salary for Video Editor jobs in Malaysia ranges from RM 2,900 to RM 3,600.

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