Construction Superintendent Job Description Template

Construction Superintendent Job Description Template

Construction Superintendent Job Description TemplateConstruction Superintendent Job Description

A Construction Superintendent is a professional who assists in managing construction projects and ensures that everything functions smoothly. They evaluate the resources required for each assignment and generate cost estimates based on their evaluations to inform the budget for the project.

What is a Construction Superintendent?

They help to guarantee the timely and successful completion of projects. They work with engineers and subcontractors to define the project’s requirements and supervise employee performance.

What does a Construction Superintendent do?

Construction superintendents oversee projects from planning to completion, including budgeting and scheduling. They adhere to quality standards and ensure the construction site’s safety and security. Additionally, a construction superintendent communicates and negotiates with external partners, suppliers, and attorneys.

Construction Superintendent responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring the project’s progress

  • ensuring safety, health, and quality standards are met

  • Investing in equipment and supplies 

Job Brief

Our team is seeking an experienced Construction Superintendent to oversee our initiatives. You will manage our personnel and ensure timely project completion. As a superintendent, you will also allocate and monitor budgets. 

This position requires outstanding communication skills, as you will collaborate with construction workers, architects, and engineers. Understanding how to implement quality, health, and safety standards on-site is essential.  

We want to meet you if you are organized, can perform well under pressure, and have experience in this field.


  • Determine project requirements in concert with engineers, subcontractors, etc. 

  • Establish performance targets and deadlines.

  • Plan building procedures

  • Cost-estimate the undertaking and ensure it stays within budget. 

  • Supervise personnel and provide feedback. 

  • Track and report project development

  • Plan inspections and acquire permits for construction from local authorities.

  • Implement quality and safety measures.

  • Order the proper equipment and schedule routine maintenance.

  • Keep track of inventory and orders.

  • Keep the construction site safe, tidy, and orderly.

  • Resolve issues and emergencies on-site.

Requirements and Skills

  • Experience as a construction superintendent or in a comparable position is required.

  • Knowledge of local construction site quality, safety, and health regulations

  • Comprehensive knowledge of construction operations and processes

  • Knowledge of CAD software

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office

  • Skills in organization and schedule management

  • Ability to inspire and lead

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Construction Management, or a related discipline; master’s degree is preferred.

Salary Range

The average monthly salary for Construction Superintendent jobs in Malaysia ranges from RM 3,000 to RM 4,800.

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