Team Leader Job Description Template

Team Leader Job Description Template

Team Leader Job Description TemplateTeam Leader Job Description

A Team Leader is an individual who is responsible for directing, monitoring, and overseeing an entire group. They are responsible for motivating and fostering positive communication among their teammates so that they can work together to achieve objectives.

This is a template for a Team Leader job description that will assist you in attracting the most qualified candidates for this role. Additionally, it is simple to tailor to your specific needs.

Team Leader duties include the following:

  • Creating an inspiring collaborative environment with a culture of open communication

  • Defining specific team objectives

  • Delegating tasks to your internal team and establishing deadlines

Job Brief

We are seeking a qualified team leader to manage and effectively direct our team. You will be responsible for daily supervision, management, and motivation of team members.

As team leader, you will be the point of contact for all team members, so you should have outstanding communication skills. Additionally, you must be able to act proactively to guarantee effective team operations and collaboration.

You should lead by setting a positive example and motivating the team to achieve its objectives.


  • Create an inspiring team environment with a culture of open communication.

  • Set defined team objectives.

  • Delegate tasks and establish due dates.

  • Supervise daily operations

  • Monitor and report on team performance metrics.

  • Encourage team members

  • Determine training requirements and provide instruction.

  • Consider team members’ input and resolve any issues or conflicts.

  • Recognize exceptional performance and reward achievements.

  • Promote originality and risk-taking.

  • Suggestion and coordination of team-building

Requirements and Skills

  • Team leadership or management experience

  • Knowledge of performance metrics in depth

  • Excellent computer capabilities, notably MS Excel

  • Outstanding communication and leadership capabilities

  • Skills in organization and schedule management

  • Decision-making expertise

  • A management degree or training in team leadership is an advantage.

Salary Range

The average monthly salary for Team Leader jobs in Malaysia ranges from RM 4,250 to RM 6,750.

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