Fitness Trainer Job Description Template

Fitness Trainer Job Description Template

Fitness Trainer Job Description Template
What is a Fitness Trainer?

A Fitness Trainer, or Fitness Instructor, provides fitness guidance to help clients improve their physical condition.

What does a Fitness Trainer do?

They create tailored fitness and wellness plans for individuals and groups. They assign exercise routines based on clients’ physical needs and monitor their progress.

Fitness Trainer duties include:
  • Determining clients’ exercise needs

  • Assigning fitness activities and revising when needed

  • Instructing and motivating clients

Job brief

We are looking for a Fitness Trainer who will run and supervise various fitness and health programs.

You will assess the physical and health conditions of clients, create appropriate exercise plans, and monitor their improvement. You will also explain applicable safety rules and regulations (e.g. use of equipment).

Ultimately, you will help our clients have fun and improve their health through exercise.

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  • Identify the clients’ fitness level and health

  • Oversee completion of exercise routines  

  • Track clients’ physical progress

  • Modify exercise plans based on needs, potential injuries or health issues

  • Conduct individual and group fitness training sessions

  • Adopt a holistic training approach (e.g. cardiovascular exercise, strength)

  • Oversee the use of fitness equipment to ensure clients exercise properly and safely

  • Handle nutrition and health-related questions

  • Refer to and promote fitness packages and plans

  • Carry out First Aid and CPR if needed

  • Follow safety and hygiene guidelines

Requirements and skills
  • Previous work experience as any similar role

  • Knowledge of diverse exercises and how to adjust plans according to each client’s needs

  • Ability to instruct and motivate people

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Teamwork

  • Available to work on early or late shifts and on weekends

  • Proven experience of CPR and First Aid

  • High School Diploma; degree in Kinesiology or Sports Science is a plus

Salary range

The salary range for a fitness trainer is between RM 3,700 to RM 4,600.

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