Paediatric Nurse Job Description Template

Paediatric Nurse Job Description Template
What does a paediatric nurse do?

They are in charge of providing care and supervision for kids from infancy through puberty. They must be knowledgeable about every aspect of childhood development, including how it evolves as children progress through different phases like infancy or adolescence.

What are a paediatric nurse’s responsibilities and duties?

Children and adolescents will have their medical conditions diagnosed and treated by a paediatric nurse, who may also perform minor surgeries as needed. By responding to inquiries and giving relevant follow-up information, they also educate family members.

What makes a good paediatric nurse?

A good paediatric nurse must have excellent communication skills, as they typically talk with parents of children who are not able to speak. They also need to have good critical thinking skills in order to find underlying causes of medical conditions without being able to directly ask the child about their symptoms.

Who does a paediatric nurse work with?

They will work with a number of medical professionals such as Nurses to ensure their patients receive the medical care they need.

Paediatric nurse responsibilities include:
  • Assessing a child’s needs and providing initial care

  • Identifying changes in children’s symptoms and intervening in emergency situations

  • Participating in pain management for children


Job brief

We are looking for a paediatric nurse who can provide the medical care of children from birth through late teens. The chosen candidate will discuss a child’s symptoms, administer prescribed medication, as well as monitor their progress in treatment plans.

Paediatric Nurse responsibilities include asking patients and their parents questions about their health and providing medical solutions for a range of conditions that children and adolescents may experience. 

Ultimately, you will work directly with children, adolescents, and teenagers to help address underlying medical conditions and provide treatment as needed.

  • Administer medications, draw blood, and give childhood vaccinations following age-appropriate guidelines

  • Monitor temperature, pulse, breathing, and blood pressure and keep accurate records

  • Evaluate children for signs and symptoms of abuse

  • Provide supportive care to dying children

  • Deal with the anxieties and demands of parents and help families deal with their child’s illness or injury

  • Remain up to date on the latest developments, rules and regulations, drug therapies, equipment and treatment procedures
Requirements and skills
  • Proven work experience at similar role

  • A bachelor’s or associate’s degree in nursing

  • Experience in clinical work 

  • Good communication skills

  • Emotional and mental strength, dedication and self-motivation

  • Empathy and the ability to relate to children

  • Relevant training and/or certifications

Salary range

The salary range for a paediatric nurse is between RM 2,600 to RM 5,300. 

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