Music Producer Job Description Template

Music Producer Job Description Template
What does a Music Producer do?

A Music Producer is vital to the success of any recording project. Their job is to bring an artist’s vision to fruition and guide their sound with their expertise in mixing and sound engineering.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Music Producer?

They guide musical projects from start to finish and is responsible for suggesting changes and providing guidance during recording sessions. They articulate what they want out of each project while also developing an overall vision that can be shared with other musicians involved in creating music videos or albums.

What makes a good Music Producer?

They must be an expert in music production since they oversee the entire creative process from recording to production and release of a music project. They must also have good communication skills, as they work with many departments and other professionals throughout the course of each project.

Who does a Music Producer work with?

They will work with many professionals, such as a Sound Engineer, to help mix and engineer the final product before an album or musical project is released.

Music Producer responsibilities include:
  • Gathering ideas and inspiration for projects

  • Running recording sessions for artists

  • Rearranging compositions or suggesting changes to lyrics


Job brief

We are looking for a Music Producer to join our team and work with our recording studio, artists and other stakeholders to oversee the process of producing and releasing music.

Music Producer responsibilities include overseeing budgets and expenses, working with multiple teams and coaching artists. 

Ultimately, you will work with many professionals like composers, instrumentalists and artists to produce musical projects within budget and on schedule.

  • Oversee the songwriting, arrangement and recording processes

  • Manage budgets for assigned projects

  • Handle contracts and negotiations for staff

  • Make sure everyone involved in a project shares the same goals and vision

  • Act as the link between the record label’s management and the musical artists

  • Gather feedback from listeners and use it to create a strategy for future musical directions

Requirements and skills
  • Proven work experience or similar role

  • Musical talent and experience, typically gathered from past experiences as a musician

  • Strong technical knowledge of music and recording

  • Networking and interpersonal skills (required for meeting key people in the industry)

  • The ability to operate studio equipment and use sound editing software

  • Management expertise

  • Familiarity with the latest industry developments

  • Relevant training and/or certifications

Salary range

The salary range for a music producer is between RM 4,900 to RM 9,500.

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