English Teacher Job Description Template

English Teacher Job Description Template

English Teacher Job Description TemplateEnglish Teacher Job Description

Are you searching for an English instructor for your school or institution? Use this sample job description for an English teacher to advertise your open positions. Please feel free to modify the requirements and responsibilities to suit your needs. 

What does an English teacher do?

English teacher operate in schools and other institutions. They teach the fundamentals of the English language using various techniques to ensure their courses’ success. The academic level and native language of the students can vary the responsibilities of an English teacher. 

English teacher responsibilities include:

  • Planning curriculum content and activities

  • Progress evaluation (such as assignments, exam grades, etc.)

  • Developing dependable relationships with students, parents, and staff

Job Brief

We seek an experienced English instructor to join our dynamic team. Let’s meet if you have the fortitude and tact to teach English and a passion for the language. 

Your primary objective will be to create a supportive learning environment that will assist your students in achieving their learning objectives. You will instruct them on English’s essential reading, writing, and speaking principles using engaging and varied methods. You’ll supervise their progress by tracking their assignment and exam grades to provide helpful feedback.


  • Plan classroom lectures and academic assignments. 

  • Create resources and activities.

  • Assign assignments and engaging exercises.

  • Identify pupils with special needs and develop individualized instructional plans.

  • Determine ratings for exams and assignments. 

  • Provide feedback based on assigned work and classroom conduct.

  • Document students’ attendance and grades.

  • Explore innovative language teaching methodologies. 

  • Manage classroom emergencies and conflicts.

  • Inform parents of their children’s academic progress.

  • Collaborate with instructors and administrators to enhance the student experience.

Requirements and Skills

  • Previous English teaching experience

  • Knowledge of numerous instructional techniques

  • A comprehensive comprehension of the national curriculum and English language requirements

  • Outstanding organizational and communication abilities

  • A patient and hardy disposition

  • devotedness to students and instruction

  • BSc or BA in English Language or English Literature; an MSc is preferred.

Salary Range

The average monthly salary for English Teacher jobs in Malaysia ranges from RM 3,000 to RM 4,000.

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