Process Engineer Job Description Template

Process Engineer Job Description Template

Process Engineer Job Description TemplateProcess Engineer Job Description

This template for the Process Engineer job description is formatted in a way that makes it particularly well suited for publishing on online job boards or careers pages. It is very easy to personalize for your organization.

What is a Process Engineer?

A process engineer is a manufacturing-related professional. Continuous flow manufacturing, which is also known as process manufacturing, is where process engineers are employed. In process manufacturing, various ingredients are combined according to a formula to create a final product, typically a solid, liquid, gas, or powder.

Process Engineer duties include the following:

  • Development, configuration, and optimization of industrial processes from inception to certification.

  • Process evaluation, measurement, and data interpretation

  • Developing, operating, evaluating, and enhancing systems and procedures

Job Brief

In order to manage the design, operation, and execution of the process, we are looking for an experienced Process Engineer. The ideal candidate will be able to improve industrial processes in such a way that they preserve efficiency, cut costs, increase sustainability, and optimize profits.


  • Developing, configuring, and optimizing industrial processes from inception to certification.

  • Assess processes, conduct observations, and analyze data.

  • Create, operate, evaluate, and improve systems and processes.

  • Create best practices, routines, and novel solutions to enhance production rates and output quality.

  • Conduct procedure simulations

  • Manage budget and schedule constraints.

  • Conduct risk analyses

  • Provide procedure documentation and operating guidelines.

Requirements and Skills

  • Proven process engineering employment experience

  • Excellent technical proficiency

  • Knowledge of applicable standards

  • Knowledge of process simulations

  • Experience with process engineering software programs

  • CAD or AutoCAD proficiency

  • Knowledge of health and safety regulations

  • Intelligent analyst with interpersonal abilities

  • BS Engineering Degree

Salary Range

The average monthly salary for Process Engineer jobs in Malaysia ranges from RM 3,500 to RM 4,800.

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