VP of Sales Job Description Template

VP of Sales Job Description Template

VP of Sales Job Description Template
What does a VP of Sales do?

A VP of Sales is responsible for leading their sales team to meet and exceed goals. The primary responsibilities include recruiting, fostering talent pool members, and educating them on the various strategies required to meet predetermined KPIs.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a VP of Sales?

The vice president of sales is accountable for the everyday success of selling goods or services. They must manage a team, which includes selecting employees who can help them achieve their goals and coordinating with other organisational leaders to meet their yearly goals.

What makes a good VP of Sales?

A good VP of Sales must have great communication skills to work with their sales teams, and they need to have excellent leadership skills to understand what actions need to be taken to reach their goals.

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Who does a VP of Sales work with?

The Vice President of Sales is responsible for setting periodic sales goals and developing strategies to reach those targets. They report directly to the CEO on their performance metrics in most companies.

VP of Sales responsibilities include:
  • Identifying where improvements can be made and developing sales plans and strategies to achieve sales goals

  • Working with the marketing department to design print and online promotional materials for the company’s products and services

  • Recruiting and hiring sales staff and developing training programs

Job brief

We are looking for an experienced, dedicated and analytical VP of Sales to join our team to take on a wide range of responsibilities, from the daily activities of the sales team to managing large clients.

Their responsibilities include having in-depth knowledge and understanding of their market and knowing competitive products. They must also be excellent communicators with excellent customer service skills who can quickly navigate any situation to reach desired goals.

Ultimately, you will work with leaders across our sales team to ensure our organization hits our sales and revenue goals.

  • Manage sales teams and maintain sales operations

  • Outline and manage sales budgets

  • Set quarterly and annual sales goals

  • Motivate the sales teams to achieve their goals

  • Monitor the market and competitor products and activities

  • Provide detailed sales forecasting

  • Review customer activity, anticipate consumer needs and improve customer satisfaction

Requirements and skills
  • Proven work experience as a VP of Sales or similar role

  • In-depth knowledge of selling strategies and methods, as well as employee motivation techniques

  • Strong working knowledge of the company’s products, competitive products and the market

  • Excellent leadership, communication, interpersonal and customer service skills

  • Great strategic planning, organizational and creative thinking skills

  • A Master’s degree in a business-related field is preferred

Salary range

The salary range for a VP of sales is between RM 6,400 to RM 13,000. 

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