Sous Chef Job Description Template

Sous Chef Job Description Template

Sous Chef Job Description TemplateSous Chef Job Description

A Sous Chef is an individual charged with ensuring that nothing goes awry in the kitchen. From procuring ingredients to maintaining an accurate inventory list and ensuring cleanliness at all times, they provide the Head Chef with everything they need to prepare dishes for customers, including maintaining an accurate inventory list.

This job description template for a Sous Chef is optimized for posting on online employment boards or careers pages. It can be easily customized for your company.

These are the responsibilities of the sous chef:

  • Contributing to the preparation and design of all culinary and beverage menus

  • Producing courses of exceptional design and flavor

  • Ensuring that the kitchen satisfies our quality standards and operates on time

Job Brief

We are seeking a professional Sous Chef to serve as the second-in-command in our kitchen under the direction of our Executive Chef. The successful candidate will utilize their culinary and managerial abilities to play a vital role in maintaining and increasing customer satisfaction.


  • Assist in the creation of all culinary and beverage menus.

  • Produce plates of exceptional design and flavor.

  • Ensure that the kitchen meets our quality standards and operates on time.

  • Substitute for the Executive Chef when planning and directing culinary preparation.

  • Effectively address any issues that arise and assume command of any problematic circumstance.

  • Manage and instruct kitchen personnel, establish work schedules and evaluate their performance.

  • Order supplies to adequately stock inventory

  • Comply with and enforce sanitation and safety regulations.

  • Maintain a positive and professional attitude when interacting with colleagues and clients.

Requirements and Skills

  • Numerous years of experience as an Assistant Chef

  • Knowledge of numerous culinary techniques, ingredients, and equipment

  • Excellent culinary and personnel management record

  • Accuracy and promptness in managing and resolving emergency situations

  • Familiar with the finest practices in the industry

  • Knowledge of multiple computer software applications (MS Office, restaurant management software, POS).

  • A bachelor’s degree in culinary arts or a certificate in a related field is a benefit.

Salary Range

The average monthly salary for Sous Chef jobs in Malaysia ranges from RM 3,800 to RM 5,300.

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