Top Countries for Secure and Productive Remote Work

Top Countries for Secure and Productive Remote Work

Top Countries for Secure and Productive Remote WorkSome employees find it frustrating to have to go back to the office. Still, others prefer to work remotely and can do so anywhere worldwide. A new rating lists the finest nations for remote working for people seeking their next travel location.

The second edition of the Global Remote Work Index (GRWI), published by cybersecurity company NordLayer, has revealed which nations are best and worst for working remotely. This 2023 update, like last year’s, was put together by evaluating the 108 locations according to four factors: social safety, economics, digital and physical infrastructure, and online security.

According to this methodology, Denmark is the top nation for remote work. The Scandinavian country performs admirably across the board, except for internet security, where it is ranked 13th, far behind the top three countries in this group: Slovakia, Estonia, and Lithuania.

While Malaysia ranks No. 41 on the list, its neighbor Singapore comes in at No. 28.

The Netherlands and Germany are ranked second and third in the GRWI. Then, they are closely followed by Sweden and Spain, two of the top locations for digital nomads.

Surprisingly, the Scandinavian country does not stand out when it comes to social safety—that is, human rights, inclusion, and crime. In this category, while Switzerland is ranked first, the Netherlands is second, and Iceland is third, it is ranked fifteenth.

Regarding overall rankings, France is in 15th place, down from the previous year’s. Due to the excellence of its physical and digital infrastructure (4th position) and its social safety (6th place), France is nevertheless a location to bear in mind when laying down your bag and your laptop, even though it may not be the one that is most suitable to remote working.

However, remember that teleworkers who don’t speak French can run into problems there. Indeed, English is not as extensively spoken there compared to other nations in the ranking, such as the Nordic and Scandinavian countries.

While European nations dominate the top 10, Canada and the United States are ranked 14th and 16th, respectively.

Here is NordLayer’s ranking of the top 15 nations for remote work:

  1. Denmark

  2. Netherlands

  3. Germany

  4. Spain

  5. Sweden

  6. Portugal

  7. Estonia

  8. Ireland

  9. Lithuania

  10. Finland

  11. Slovakia

  12. Belgium

  13. Iceland

  14. Canada

  15. France

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