4 Reasons Recruiters Should Consider Video Resume

4 Reasons Recruiters Should Consider Video Resume

4 Reasons Recruiters Should Consider Video ResumeIt’s common knowledge that companies receive a ton of applications and resumes in response to a single job posting. Since most of us are living in this wonderful, technologically advanced era, email is used to receive most of these applications. It can be very challenging to sort through all of the resumes for a job posting because there is a good chance that you will receive close to one hundred resumes. Taking the time to click on an additional link in a resume or email may be even more challenging. You don’t want to miss the candidate’s video resume, though, which could be accessible through that link.

Video resumes have gained a lot of popularity recently among employers, HR managers, and job seekers alike. Indeed, nine out of ten employers claim that if a video resume was submitted to them, they would watch it. A video resume is an alternative to the conventional resume format, allowing job applicants to introduce themselves to you in a maximum of one to two minutes of video. For numerous reasons, they can be advantageous to you as a recruiter.

1. Simplify review process

Video resumes are very simple to review to start with. Nobody is advocating for employers to completely abandon the conventional paper resume. It would be wise for you to give a candidate’s video resume some thought, though. Ultimately, you won’t lose any more time because they only take a few minutes at most. Furthermore, watching a job seeker’s video resume may be far more convenient for many people than reading through a paper resume that lacks personality. which brings up our next point.

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2. Discover the candidate’s personality

There is no denying the wealth of information traditional resumes provide. A candidate’s employment history and the primary responsibilities they handled at each position are visible. Physical resumes, however, are devoid of personality and flair. Although some creative job seekers may attempt to convey their personality through their design or vocabulary, it is insufficient.

Employers can discern a multitude of clues from a candidate’s brief video resume, including whether or not they will be a good fit. When attempting to fit a candidate into the company culture, this is crucial. You can save a ton of time by avoiding phone screens, one-way video interviews, and in-person interviews if you can tell from an applicant’s video resume that they won’t fit in with your company culture.

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3. Help save time

A video resume is typically only a few minutes long, as was previously mentioned. With only 60 seconds to capture a hiring manager’s attention with a resume, a video resume can truly help you understand the candidate better. You won’t waste any time at all, and you’ll learn more about the candidate in the 60 seconds they have to impress you.

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4. Excellent for jobs that involve customers

You will definitely want to get a sense of the candidate’s communication skills if you are hiring for a role where the hired individual will be interacting and conversing with clients or customers. Once more, while conventional resumes are excellent, they reveal nothing about a candidate’s communication abilities. You can see how well a candidate communicates with others by spending a little time viewing their video resume. Furthermore, it suggests that a candidate is confident in their abilities if they manage to attach a video resume with their application. These are the individuals you want engaging with your clients or customers, and you can quickly determine if they are what you require. In this manner, you save time by not having to waste it phoning them for a phone screen or inviting them to the office for an in-person interview.

That’s it, then. Employers and hiring managers can greatly benefit from video resumes, as they provide a more complete and accurate picture of the applicants for your positions. Take the extra few minutes to watch the video resume the next time you come across one in an email, an application, or on a conventional resume. In the process, you might be saving a ton of time for yourself.

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